The Glory and a Recognition from Christian Taylor

In the IAAF World U18 Championships triple jumper Jordan Díaz carried off the world title with the greatest leap in the history of this category which was highly praised by the world leader in this event

By: Javier Rodríguez Perera


2017-07-31 | 14:26:23 EST
Habanero Jordan Diaz touched the skies at the World Cadet Championship.Habanero Jordan Diaz touched the skies at the World Cadet Championship. Photo: IAAFZoom

July 31, 2017


Two weeks have passed since Jordan Díaz reached the glory. After the world championships the Cuban triple jumper was full of excitement for having achieved something incredible: the world title, marking the best leap in the history of his category and if it was not enough, he earned the recognition from the world leader in this event.

That honor was experienced by Jordan when Christian Taylor congratulated him on Facebook for the achievement. In addition to the unexpected message of the American athlete, Jordan has chatted online with another outstanding triple jumper, France´s Teddy Tamgho, who gave him important tips before facing his first overseas competition, the world U18 championships in Nairobi. There he registered the much commented 17.30 m.

His admission into the national team occurred at the age of 15 and it was a landmark for him, since he was the main star in the EIDE (sports initiation school) and in the national team there were some athletes likeAndy Díaz, Lázaro Martínez, Cristian Nápoles and Pedro Pablo Pichardo.

“When I was confirmed as one of the competitors in the World U18 Championships in Kenya, I knew I could win, but I can´t deny that I was pushing myself for that. I felt strange as I was out of my country for the first time and the fans were different from those I had always seen in Cuba. They showed me constant support aware that I was the favorite for the win. That was amazing and I am thankful”, Jordan said.

He stressed that since his third attempt of 17.00 m, he felt like double winner, as he fulfilled his objective of reaching that distance. “I told myself that I could go for more and the 17.30 m camelike an explosion, making my coach Joel García jump for joy, and when I saw the board showing that mark I lied on the floor and said “I achieved something incredible”, the fans wowed.”

- Can you forecast how long that record will be unbroken considering that the previous one lasted a few years?

- That question is very complex since every year there are athletes with potential like me in this 2017 when I broke that record held by Lázaro. Due to the quality of my mark it could last maybe ten years, but only time will tell.

-What are your ambitions now as a record holder in your category?

-My dream has always been to be Olympic champion and that record is one more step on the long road that I must follow to achieve that purpose. To train hard always to be able to repeat the crown at next year´s World Junior Championship in Finland, in addition to never abandon the attitude that my father demands, an athlete should never give that up . I will live my second year in the national team, the first one was for exploration, but I will use the next one to correct the errors that appear in competitions inside and outside Cuba.

-At your age, how do you envision the 18.00 meters?

- It´s a quite difficult mark, but not unreachable, some triple jumpers have reached that distance and I can do it in a few years with hard work.


Translated by ESTI

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