Velazco Keeps Golden Vice

Triple jumper Davisleydis Velazco chipped in with a new gold medal for the Cuban delegation medal table in the Athletics Pan American U20 Championships

By: Javier Rodríguez Perera


2017-07-24 | 15:37:17 EST
Triathlete Davisleydis Velazco won the second scepter for Cuba.Triathlete Davisleydis Velazco won the second scepter for Cuba. Photo: ZimbioZoom

Following Roxana Gómez’s superb performance in 400 m with a personal best, the Cuban delegation made up by 10 athletes continued to win medals in theAthletics Pan American U20 Championships, taking place in Trujillo, Peru, when DavisleydisVelazco, with PB 14.08 m achieved about a year ago in Havana, registered 13.59 m leaving American Jaime Robinson (13,32 m) in the second position and the also AmericanJasmine Moore (13,25 m) in the third position.

For his part Javelin thrower Ronny Cedeño won the silver medal for Cuba in his second attempt with 70.69 m, behind Brazil’s Pedro Nunes who registered 74,58 m for the win. The bronze medal was for Mexico’s Ángel Alemán distant from the first positions with 67,25 m.

High Jumper Isis Kaila Guerrafailed to reach the podium, with 1,70 m, a far cry from her PB 1,84 m and ending in the 10th position among 12 competitors.

The fourth athlete who saw actions was 2016 Poland junior championship runner-up, heptathlonist Adriana Rodríguez, who competed in 100 m hurdles, high jump, shot put and 200 m, totalizing 3 573 points for the lead before the last day of the event, when triple jumper Arturo Rodríguez and hammer throwerAyamey Medina will also see actions.

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