Colby Bass, A Prodigy

Colby is two years old and a half andhe can play baseball very well at his young age

By: Julieta García Ríos


2017-07-06 | 13:43:58 EST
Colby Bass, an advanceColby Bass, an advance Photo: Julieta García RíosZoom

July 6 ,2017


CARY, North Carolina.- Colby Bass is one of the many children who goes to the stadium accompanied by his family, he is blond and blue-eyed.

But something in him makes him different from others boys of his age: he has style when throwing the ball, and when he notices the attention given to him by the press, he straightens up and poses for the cameras.

“He loves baseball, he loves baseball” his fathersays when he sees so many people in astonishment. Colby can play baseball very well. He practices everyday for an hour. If there is no field he improvises.

I saw him leaving the USA Baseball National Traning Complex. As I watched him in his emerging workmanship, I wondered if he would become a great ballplayer.

For now, I do not pass up the scoop of this little baseball fan, whose passion marks millions of people in this country.


Translated by ESTI

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