Peace Reigns in Varadero

The Cuban player Isán Ortiz is in charge of representing Cuba in the Elite Group of Memorial Capablanca chess tournament

By: Javier Rodríguez Perera


2017-05-30 | 16:39:01 EST

For the first time GM Isán Ortíz (2570) is playing in the Elite Group of the Memorial Capablanca chess tournament, which is taking place for second consecutive year in Varadero. With the absence of Leinier Domínguez (2739), Yuniesky Quesada (2630) and Lázaro Bruzón (2652), Isán Ortiz is in charge of representing Cuba in that pool, in which he holds the lowest Elo rating among the six GM in competition.

After an initial defeat, the Cuban bounced back by winning in his second match, and this Monday he drew quickly with black pieces against the Peruvian GM Emilio Córdova (2645), after 21 moves of a Slav Defense. With this result, both players are included in a trio with 1.5 points.

The other chess player with the same number of points is Ukraine’s Vassily Ivanchuk (2738), top biller and historic winner of the main division, who got his third draw against Polish Piorun Kacper (2638), in 41 moves of an English Opening. Kacper could achieve his first half point.

Another match of the third round, between the leaders Samuel Shankland (2676) from the United States and Krishnan Sasikiran (2669) from India, both with two points, also concluded without a winner. The match ended in just 18 moves of a Catalonian Opening.

Today Ortíz, holder of the second position in the Premier Group in last Capablanca tournament, will meet Ivanchuck with white pieces; Cordova will clash with Sasikiran and Shaklan vs. Kacper.

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