US Deny Visa to Cuban University Students

That decision blocked out the team of Pinar del Rio’s university from attending the World Computing Soccer championship and left Cuba’s representation incomplete

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2017-05-18 | 13:55:44 EST
Cuba will only be represented by one team of the University of Havana (UH) in the finals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest of the Association of Computer Machines (AMC-ICPC), known globally as the Computing Soccer World championship, before the United States authorities’ refusal to grant visas to a team of Pinar del Rio’s Hermanos Saíz University.
At the event to take place in South Dakota May 20-25 with a turnout of over one hundred universities from 44 countries, we’ll be represented by the UH++ Alma Mater team, while Pinar del Rio’s  sUrPRise was denied participation.
This action proves that, despite the reopening of relations between the two countries, the exchange continues to be closed as denounced this Tuesday by director of the contest in the Caribbean, university professor Dovier Antonio Ripoll Méndez in the send-off ceremony to the Cuban delegation.
He said that the refusal was presented by officials of the US Treasure Department and its representation in Cuba, he stressed that nothing can overshadow the talent, the commitment, the values and the patriotism of Pinar del Rio’s students, who will be in the hearts and on the minds of their comrades from Havana who will compete in South Dakota.
At the UH School of Maths and Computing – where the act was held- Ripoll Méndez said that its quite difficult to win a spot in contests of this kind, and the students of Pinar del Río, like the rest of his comrades, were part of the 46,381 participants who grouped in more than 15 teams represented more than 2,200 universities, from one hundred countries this year.
Chairperson of the University Student Federation Jennifer Bello Martínez praised the students’ preparation, sacrifice and knowledge to take part in the greatest, most prestigious and oldest international event of the Programming Contests since 1970.
The send-off ceremony was attended by Minister of Higher Education José Ramón Saborido Lodi among others.
Translated by ESTI

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