Young Boxing Squads from Cuba and the USA in Bilateral Match

A team made up by 13 young boxers from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, will clash with its peers from Pinar del Rio next February 22

By: Jose Luis López


2017-02-14 | 14:38:34 EST

Crosses and hooks will be back in a friendly encounter. A team of 13 boxers from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA will clash with its peers from Pinar del Rio at the 19 de Noviembre sports center of the Cuban westernmost province, next February 22.

Let’s say this will be the “second leg” of that held between Cuba and United States on June 30, 2016, when the Cuban team, led by INDER President Antonio Becali, was invited by Hibernian Celtic Athletic Fund from Pittsburg. On the emblematic Roberto Clemente Bridge the mobile ring set for the match witnessed 13 bouts and many handshakes.

The visiting squad announced six 15 year-old boxers, as well as two aged 14. This team will also feature a single boxer of the 17, 20, 21, 23 and 26 year categories. Their rivals will be young members of Pinar del Rio boxing squad, who practice in the Sports Initiation School and in the Provincial Academy.

Traditional matches between Cuba and the United States were initiated in 1977, and the latest took place on November 1995, in Connecticut. Unlike today’s matches both countries presented their best boxers. In addition, Cuba’s Domadores faced the USA Knockouts in the 2014 World Series of Boxing. So, beyond winners and losers let’s welcome Pittsburg’s squad to Pinar del Rio! And let’s advocate keeping these matches alive.  

Translated by ESTI

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