Straight in the Area of Doubt

Before the popular debate on the integration of the Cuban team to the Classic, JR spoke exclusively with the physical trainer of the team

By: Norland Rosendo


2017-02-09 | 16:21:16 EST
Between Julio Pablo and Roel, the technicians valued that the granmense is more mature.Between Julio Pablo and Roel, the technicians valued that the granmense is more mature. Photo: Ricardo López HeviaZoom

February 8, 2017 23:03:48 CDT

Since the publication of the list of 28 players registered by Cuba for the 4th. World Baseball Classic, controversies began among the fans. And among experts too, I assure you. The absence of Guantanamo’s Julio Pablo Martinez was news.

On this and other topics related to the team, this editor was yesterday to meet Carlos Louis, physical trainer of the team. He was in the Latino, as expected, training along with several glories of Cuban baseball with the lads who did not go to the Caribbean Series.

The first pitch was obvious: why Roel Santos and Yoalkis Céspedes and not Julio Pablo?

And his response was unrestrained: "The technical committee judged the similarity between Julio Pablo and Roel to fulfil the role that would correspond to them in the team, and it was concluded that the man from Granma is more complete in all aspects. Julio Pablo is not injured or anything like that. He was in the warm up and he did well.

"In deciding for Yoalkis Céspedes we took into account that he has exhibited a very compact game in the offensive and is critical in the defence, he covers a lot of ground, has an excellent arm and is fast as well.

"About Víctor Víctor we considered him generally, he is a touch batter, he is very well projected in the batting box, he is the best base stealer in Cuba at the moment, and in the defence his coverage is impressive".

Louis explained that Cuban batters will face very demanding pitching, with craft and highly developed tactical thinking. "We will have to play a more creative game in the offense to be able to create runs; therefore, the defence and pitching will be decisive to aspire to a good result, "he concluded.

Following that reasoning they included the Avilanian Raúl González as practice catcher, but he will really act as a utility player, as the director can upload him to the roster when he deems it pertinent. Of the three receivers, one will take care of the bull pen, clarified the technician.

However, he regretted that they do not have information yet to be able to study their rivals. "Fortunately we will have a previous tour that will allow us to make the necessary adjustments."

The training in these days is focused on retaining their sporting form, waiting for the concentration of the 28. Even the ten pitchers who were not selected will remain in Havana and Louis did not rule out that another player might be called on- they should continue preparing themselves in their respective provinces, because until the day of the technical congress of the Classic they can make adjustments in the roster.

About the pitchers we will write soon because the seasoned teacher Jose Manuel Cortina gave us his valuable criteria. Who better than him, he has been sweating on the ground with the lads?

Translated by ESTI

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