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The reinforcements incorporated into the Granma team, with a view to participating in the Caribbean Series, the comments not only for or against the selected take shape, but also of many opposed to that measure

By: Nelson García Santos

Email: Digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2017-01-30 | 12:56:15 EST

I do not discover the Mediterranean by asserting that changing one's mentality is one of the most difficult issues facing the human being, as is confirmed, for example, by the controversial issue of reinforcements in domestic baseball teams, and even more so when it comes to the integration for an event like the Caribbean Series.

The members of the Granma team shaped the comments not only for or against the selected, but also of many opposed to that measure, which, of course, is not either a national seal of approval.

Reinforcements usually replace players who were not regular during competition for higher quality ones and, consequently, for safer performance in their respective positions. Even those who can win the title.

All teams that will compete against the Alazanes in the Caribbean Series, for one reason or another, have had to make changes to their line ups. For the management of these groups and their countries, it is a priority to win the tournament that gives an endorsement of unquestionable prestige. Unlike here, they do not make so much noise for this reason that they assume it as a natural and wise question.

Let it be clear that in national leagues it is also accepted to have players from other nations, for example, there are Cuban players playing in Japan and prospects of expanding Cuban participation abroad.

This concept, rooted in the popular mentality of those countries, is based on the desire of their team to win, even if you have one from Katanga or another from the very place where the devil gave the three voices. It keeps crashing, but we must shed those ideas at the wrong time.

We are in another time and circumstance. We must awaken to the new horizons that undoubtedly are for the good in order to insert ourselves in that world of which we are part without relegating our genuine principles and convictions.

What is good for our baseball is worthwhile. Then, welcome reinforcements, while 12 players are pure sorrel. There, in the City of Culiacán, the Granma team that gave the province its joy conquering the National Championship after 40 years of going blank, will assume the representation of Cuba in the Caribbean Series, and is determined to try to dignify it, with a good performance, the value of our national pastime that we carry in the soul and the heart.

Cuba in the Caribbean

Cuba's historic role in the Caribbean Series is summed up in eight crowns, valid to be the fourth most winning country, only surpassed by the Dominican Republic (19), Puerto Rico (14) and Mexico (9).

The last Cuban triumph, after being incorporated in 2014, after more than 50 years of being excluded from that contest, was achieved by the Vegueros of Pinar del Río in 2015.

Translated by ESTI

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