The Sprint of Santa Clara

Onel Santa Clara, from Guantanamo, managed to be placed in third in the classification of that category in the 52nd Vuelta Ciclística of Costa Rica

By: Norland Rosendo


2016-12-22 | 12:15:12 EST

December 16, 2016 23:29:36 CDT

Useful in sprints, Onel Santa Clara from Guantanamo on Friday launched out again in search of the third sprint and managed to get second, which put him in third place in the classification of that category in The 52nd Vuelta Ciclística to Costa Rica, that will have its fifth stage today. Santa Clara won a sprint in the second stage of the tour and adds eight points, very distant from the locals  Jose Vega and Carlos Brenes, who have accumulated 20 and 15, respectively.

With rain as a companion, yesterday the host Brayan Salas, of the team Scott-Tele Uno-BCT (2: 39.17 hours) won, and Santa Clara crossed 21 seconds later, in eighth place. Five seconds later, the peloton arrived with Yasmany Viamonte (23), José Mojica (26) and Alejandro Carriles (50). Then, 39 seconds behind the winner, Hidalgo Vera and Jans Carlos Arias, in places 57 and 58 crossed the line, in that order. The last of the islanders this Friday was Felix Nodarse, at 17:04 minutes, who showed his back on only seven of the 86 cyclists who remain in the race.

After finishing a third in the Costa Rican tour, local Daniel Jara (El Colono) continues to wear the yellow jersey, with accumulated time of 16: 49.43 hours and an advantage of 2:04 minutes over his compatriots Pablo Mudarra (Frijoles Los Tierniticos-Arroz Falcón) and José Varela (Canet-Múltiples Corella). Meanwhile, Jans Carlos Arias remained in ninth place, at 7:55 minutes.

Mojica climbed one rung (27), but moved away by five seconds, now he's off the point by 16:58 minutes. Hidalgo dropped to 46, at 21:57; Carriles improved four places (60), to 41:27; Santa Clara rose to 64, to 45:11; Viamonte leads nine rivals (71), although his difference with respect to the lead is almost impossible: 53:31 minutes. Meanwhile, Nodarse appears in the penultimate box, at 1: 20.46 hours.

In the team ladder, Cuba remains in the eighth seat, at 26:36 minutes behind Canels Specialized (50: 40.37 hours), and in front of seven teams.

The fifth stage comprises a 131.22-kilometer route between Guápiles and Tucurrique, and in the second half of the course the cyclists will combat elevations up to a thousand meters in height.

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