Johen, Happy with Double Result

The Cuban Johen Lefont created today a world record in dominion of the ball, in a swimming pool

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-11-22 | 15:35:33 EST
The Cuban Johen Lefont implanted world record in domain of the ball, inside a swimming pool. The Cuban Johen Lefont implanted world record in domain of the ball, inside a swimming pool. Photo: Ariel Cecilio LemusZoom

He was a water polo player. But very soon, he turned the page of the book and dedicated, with precision, to the tests of dominion of the ball in a swimming pool. Johen Lefont, from Havana, on Friday introduced an unprecedented world record, connecting with the ball 183 touches in a minute, with his head, in the pool of the Havana Hotel Melia-Cohiba.


After getting the record, Lefont told JR that this is a speed test, and that before starting there was a lot of wind in the pool. But at the moment of working with his head, he was very lucky, because there was a calm that helped him keep the ball up without great movement.


"I am very happy with this record, for which I have been training very hard in my own pool for three months, given the various interruptions I have had. This new brand I started, because there was one, but on land in the hands of Erick Hernandez, "said Lefont.


The Guinness record book recently certified his world record of 27 February, of stamina, when he managed to hit the ball with 1513 touches without it falling into the water.


"That ratification is fabulous news, because it rewards my efforts for so many years. Now I'm going to take a break and for January or February 2017, I'll start preparing to achieve a world record by swimming 200 meters with a ball on my head," said Johen.


So, his happiness is double: a new record and ratification of the previous one by Guinness.

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