Women, at their Best

In Varadero, on November 21 and 22, the 6th Seminar of Women Athletics Leaders in the Americas will be held.

By: Javier Rodriguez Perera

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2016-11-05 | 16:25:18 EST
"Women are just as capable as men, because everything is not about brute force or physical attributes, as many think. We occupy numerous and disparate responsibilities, and if we talk about sport, the criterion of equality gains much in strength, "says Hilda María me, a friend and baseball lover. It is a very valid criterion at a time when many clichés hinder women's display in different fields and in sports, where a greater role for women is sought.
Faced with this reality, in Varadero on November 21 and 22, the 6th. a Seminar on Women Athletics Leaders in the Americas will be held, as a result of Convention of Women of the Area which annually the Athletic Association of the North, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) develops.
In the event it is estimated that there will be a representation of the 31 member associations, more than 40 women, among whom are some ex-athletes with results at world and Olympic level, as well as guests like Victor Lopez, president of the NACAC and Alberto Juantorena, the head of the Cuban Athletics Federation and vice president of the IAAF.
At a press conference held on Friday, Juantorena explained that the objective of this meeting is to strengthen and promote the role of women in each association, like that of their leaders. He added that the holding of this event in Cuba strengthens the prestige and influence of our sport in the area and can expose the contributions of the Cuban socialist system for equality of women in society.
"It requires the world to empower women so that there is no gender inequality and they perform the same functions as those of men. Our Olympic champion María Caridad Colón is a good example of management of activities and a very capable person, "said the 1976 Montreal Olympic champion.
When asked about the performance of the Cuban athletics delegation in the last Olympics, the official explained that "we made every effort to let our athletes arrive in the best sporting form, however, the results were not satisfactory. However, when year in general is analyzed one can see the yields are remarkable, as in the case of juveniles. There is potential to recover that lost ground."
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