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Cuban football team unapologetic jumped Friday on the court, imbued it difficult for the processing of their similar and US favorite during the friendly match held at Havana´s Pedro Marrero Stadium National

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-10-11 | 13:36:03 EST
Julian Green was the key man US team.Julian Green was the key man US team. Photo: Raúl PupoZoom

Cuban football team jumped unapologetic Friday to the court, imbued it difficult for the processing of their similar and favorite of the United States during the friendly match held at Havana´s National Stadium Pedro Marrero, witnessed by Dr. Jill Biden, wife of US Vice President Joe Biden.

And although finally Cuba yielded 0-2, I dare say that this was their best showing in recent years, supported not only by the delivery and daring shown, but also for the many occasions when they arrived, with ball and good touch-touch, the girl northern area.

But ora good archer Horvath Ethan stretched like the 36 minutes before a shot Arichel Hernandez, now bats and ineffectiveness of the shooting, remained intact arch visitors.

Americans had as key to end Julian Green, the Bayern Munich, who played the entire game and scored the second goal for his team in 73 minutes after attendance player Chris Wondolowski change figure. He was also powerful who shot the door guarded by Sandy Sanchez, who gave the rebound that took Chris himself to open the scoring after 61 minutes.

As shown, the winning shots came in the second half, when Cuban physicist bill passed everything ran and delivered during the first 45 minutes after the goal. Josel Stone and Yasniel Naples just could not climb on the wings, which deprived them of greater contact with Arichel Hernandez and Alberto Gómez creative brain.

Nine minutes from time, Cuba was able to reduce the difference. Espinoza Duxney centered the ball, but Roberto Peraza missed his header in (almost) empty. However, the palms for the young and speedy end Roberney Caballero, whom the giant American defenders saw them back on many occasions. Villa Clara showed well "disrespectful". He ran, dribbled, gave balls ... and fired.

"It was a special game for us, in which we could try many players. We were not surprised the first time in Cuba so good, because I had several opportunities to score. But no advantage and we knew it better in the extra time, ´he told reporters Juergen Klinsmann, coach of the United States.

Meanwhile, the Cuban helmsman Raul Mederos said the first time his students assimilated well the game dictation system. But in the second, the physical took its toll and there were was the game. "We had very little preparation time. With a little more, we would have left a better picture. But I´m happy for delivery and will of my team, "said Mederos.

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