Reaching Round Figures

Luis Felipe Rivera from Isla de la Juventud reached 1 000 runs scored; Yosvany Alarcón from Las Tunas has 100 home-runs now; Yorbis Borroto, from Ciego de Avila 200 doubles. The latest achievement: Alexander Ayala (100 HRs) and Danel Castro (1000 RBIs)

By: Norland Rosendo


2016-09-07 | 13:00:26 EST
Luis Felipe Rivera should reach 300 tubeyes and 50 triples.Luis Felipe Rivera should reach 300 tubeyes and 50 triples. Photo: Juan MorenoZoom

September 7, 2016

Round figures are not achieved every day. Sometimes it takes weeks and months for a ballplayer to draw the statisticians´ attention gaining a mention on the press.

Last Monday was atypical with two players reaching round figures and this season six men have rounded off their records. Overshadowed by the Olympic Games, the beginning of the Baseball National Series did not draw enough attention from the public, so let´s recall the names: Islander Luis Felipe Rivera achieved 1000 runs scored, Las Tunas´ Yosvany Alarcón blasted his 100th homer, Ciego de Avila´s Yorbis Borroto reached 200 doubles, and Andrés Quiala also from Las Tunas has 50 triples. The latest achievements include Alexander Ayala with 100 HRs and Danel Castro with 1000 RBIs.

Responding to a request about the oncoming round figures I called JR statistician Benigno Daquinta and here is the list.

Artemisa´s Rafael Orta is 7 hits short of one thousand. In addition to the 1000 runs scored Luis Felipe is 5 doubles short of 300 and 2 triples of 50.

Three homeruns are needed by Industriales´ Yoandry Urgellés for one hundred. The same figure is pursued by Santiago´s Pedro Poll but he needs five homers and has none this season.

With four steals, Andrés Quiala will get one hundred. Among the pitchers nearing round figures are Ciego de Avila´s Vladimir García and Pinar del Rio´s Yosvany Torres both going for 100 wins; the former is 5 short and the latter 7.

Every save is a new record for José Ángel García; with six this season he has 206. And saving the best for last, the greatest expectation can be met anytime: Michel Enríquez and Ariel Borrero are leading the all-time doubles with 412 each. Borrero is retired; but Michelis playing.

About Tuesday´s games in the National Series, nothing new happened. Matanzas continues its winning streak. Camagüey knocked out ERA team leader Villa Clara,  Cienfuegos staved off the sweep, Las Tunas defeated Ciego de Avila, Santiago triumphed over Pinar del Rio, and La Isla and Guantánamo acquitted themselves well in their respective three-game series.

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