Olympic Spirit to Start Over in Rio de Janeiro

The Olympic spirit is awakening again in Rio de Janeiro with the celebration of the 15th Paralympic Games from today until September 18

By: Javier Rodríguez Perera


2016-09-07 | 12:51:47 EST
Wednesday, at the opening party, will carry the national flag judoka Dalidaivis RodriguezWednesday, at the opening party, will carry the national flag judoka Dalidaivis Rodriguez Photo: Juventud RebeldeZoom

Exactly 17 days after the closure of the multi-sport event, Rio de Janeiro will inflame again the Olympic spirit with the celebration of the 15th Paralympic Games from today to September 18, hosting 4 350 athletes from 175 countries, competing in 23 sports and 528 events.

The Cuban delegation is made up by 22 competitors and the conventional athlete Yunior Kindelán will serve as guide to sprinter Omara Durand, one of the most outstanding achievers with two gold medals in 100m and 400m in London 2012.

Other guarantees of success are offered by Yunidis Castillo, multi-medalist in international events, competing now in the long jump contest; Leonardo Díaz double Olympic champion and world record holder in discus throw at that level, and sprinter Leinier Savón, with two World titles in last event Doha 2015. This Wednesday in the opening day the national flag will be carried by judoka Dalidaivis Rodríguez.

These Games will be an incentive for matching or exceeding the total of medals achieved four years ago, when nine gold, five silver and three bronze medals were obtained, which allowed Cuba to rank 15th in the medal table, the best position for a Caribbean country since its debut in these kinds of event in Barcelona 1992.

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