Champions Back at Home

The Cuban athletes are back in their respective provinces after taking part in the Olympic Games, a champions were given special recognitions

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-08-25 | 17:10:00 EST
Photo: Periódico GuerrilleroZoom

The three-time Greco-Roman style wrestling champion Mijaín López was received in his hometown of La Herradura with a big popular fiesta. 

“This is for the people of La Herradura”, said Mijaín about his Olympic triumph. “This is a special people with history, that has sacrificed next to me for this achievement.” He concluded. 

In Cienfuegos ACN reported the warm welcome received by double Olympic champion Robeisy Ramírez Carrazana in his hometown. 

“This piece of land saw my birth and growth, my first friends are here and this people who have encouraged me to keep adding medals for Cuban boxing, I wanted this reception here because I was self-confident about my triumph to share the glory with everyone”, the Cuban boxer told the press. 

Special welcomes were also given to boxer Julio César La Cruz, in Camagüey; wrestler Ismael Borrero, en Santiago de Cuba, as well as boxer Arlen López, in Guantánamo.


Translated by ESTI

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