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The national flag is now waving in Rio de Janeiro. “An embrace from the Cuban people”, INDER’s chairman wrote on a mural erected in the Olympic village 

By: Juventud Rebelde

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2016-08-03 | 15:12:23 EST
The delegation from the Island (center) during the ceremony Tuesday.The delegation from the Island (center) during the ceremony Tuesday. Photo: Delegación CubanaZoom
RÍO DE JANEIRO, Brazil.—Since Tuesday evening the Cuban flag has been waving in the Olympic village of the 2016 games in Rio, after the Cuban flag was hoisted in an official ceremony, where the national anthem was heard, Prensa Latina reported.     

The act brought together some 70 Cuban athletes who are staying in the village, accompanied by the head of the delegation, Chairman of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) Antonio Becali.

According to the report, Becali was invited by the major of the village, former basketball player Janeth Arcain to leave a message on a mural where he wrote: “An embrace from the Cuban people”.

The first flag waving in the precincts of the Olympic village of Rio was that of IOC, hoisted last July 29, together with the flags of three small delegations: Botswana, Malawi and Maldives.

On the occasion, IOC President Thomas Bach, extolled the significance of the Home for Athletes as an example of all which is represented in the games and the message they are able to send.

The Village is the heart of the Olympics; the place where athletes from all over the world live in peace and harmony, sharing emotions. They offer an example of peaceful coexistence and that’s the true spirit of Olympic diversity, he stressed.   

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