Denia for Olympic Gold Medal

Her status as World champion places discus thrower Denia Caballero in the spotlight of the Cuban athletics for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-08-02 | 16:29:59 EST
Villa Clara Denia Caballero, current universal monarch, try to decorate your case with the Olympic crown.Villa Clara Denia Caballero, current universal monarch, try to decorate your case with the Olympic crown. Photo: Zoom

Río de Janeiro.— Although she plays down her current good shape it is not difficult to imagine what it means to be in the focus of attention ahead of the Olympic Games for the Cuban athletics. Her status as World champion places female discus thrower Denia Caballero in the spotlight, and she is aware of that, but she rather focuses on what she considers her major competition ever. As reported by Jit website.

“I’m not usually under pressure regarding a competition, neither if it belongs to a level, nor to another, but I know this will be much more hard fought than when I won the World championship”, she stressed. After winning the gold medal in the Pan American Games Toronto 2015, the Cuban will strive to touch gold at the Joao Havelange Stadium, where Croatia’s Sandra Perkovic will be favorite for many, although she was Denia’s victim in Beijing’s competition last year.

Denia wiped her out with an initial throw of 69.28 m with which she clinched to victory, and this justifies the fact that her coach Raúl Calderón expects to repeat the formula.

“Sandra is favorite as usual, but we have studied her and we know that in addition to her undeniable quality, she is overconfident if you don’t put pressure on her in the first attempts”, the coach said.

“That’s why Denia must be ready for good initial throws”, he said aware of some registers over 68 m achieved by the European in the current season.

Denia and Raúl complete the work previous to the tournament in Fortaleza, a place they know from other stays and once again they have reached the goals in a positive stage as they consider it.

“We fulfilled the design, although I think that we could have done a bit more at the competition in Portugal, but we pursued the national record  (70,88) we failed to attain and we’ll beat in due time”, said the specialist about the 67.00 and 67.62 achieved in Leiria.

The young Cuban discus thrower took part in seven competitions and showed stable results, except for the Diamond League stages of Oslo(62.65) and Stockholm (63.85), where the bad weather wreaked havoc and caused incoordination.

“That’s another point we have insisted upon, because we can’t rule out bad climatic conditions in the finals”, the experienced coach likewise stressed, also upset by the morning events for medal which respond to the European interests in TV broadcast.

The Women’s Discus Throw Finals will start at 11: 20 next August 16 and should see another Cuban with medal options. It’s the fourth place in Beijing Yaimé Pérez, who registered 68,86 m last February and is ranked behind the Croatian this season, while Denia is ranked fifth.

Germany, with Julia Fischer (68.49), Nadine Müller (65.79), World’s bronze medal, and Anna Rüh (64.08), could be another country with more than one representative with true options.

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