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The Cuban delegation to the Olympics reccived its standard

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2016-07-18 | 15:03:48 EST
It was championed the Cuban delegation to the Olympic Games.It was championed the Cuban delegation to the Olympic Games. Photo: Juan MorenoZoom

The commitment to a history marked by the dedication and love of country stands as the common ideal of all members of the Cuban delegation who will soon participate in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and it was presented its standard on Saturday morning of at the base of the Monument to Jose Marti in the Revolution Square of our capital.

The momentous event had as its main protagonist wrestler Mijail Lopez, double Olympic champion, who,  escorted by the boxer Julio Cesar La Cruz and taekwondo Rafael Alba received the national flag from the hands of Politburo member Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Vice President the Councils of State and Ministers. In addition, Mijaín was awarded at the ceremony the card that accredits him as a new member of the PCC

Previously, and on behalf of the 120 athletes and the rest of the entourage, boxers Lazaro Alvarez and Arlen Lopez -both World Champions, along with prominent gymnast Larduet Manrique, laid a wreath to the Apostle. Meanwhile, Denia Caballero, discus world champion, made public the commitment of the young delegation, which will be worthy representatives of the people defending the homeland flag as faithful exponents of our tradition of struggle, and meet with the precepts of the Olympics, attached to fair play, respect for opponents and in accordance with the rules of the event.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Becali, president of Inder said that ten days before the anniversary of the glorious deeds of Moncada, the Cuban sports movement again feel the pride and privilege of raising the flag with the lone star, and each performance of our brave athletes will have as an example the beloved historic leader of the Revolution, the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz. "To him, to his spirit of victory and his status as athlete and undefeated strategist, will be dedicated the effort to convert the results of this delegation into a gift for his 90th birthday," he said.

Becali added that to realize the purpose of the effort, which is a location among the top 20 sports powers, our athletes should be supported by the ethics and principles of this small country, blocked and attacked by those determined to destroy it "because nothing would be worth the dozens of medals outside the nobility of a people who will never forgive the betrayal of its stock.

At the Flag ceremony were Olga Lidia Tapia, member of the CCP Central Committee Secretariat; Jose Ramon Fernandez, president of the Cuban Olympic Committee; Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, Politburo member and secretary general of the CTC, as well as leaders of political and mass organizations of the country.

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