Almost Unbeatable Little Siren

The young female swimmer Mayté González Rodríguez has reigned in all three swimming editions she has competed as part of the Marcelo Salado cup taking place in Cuba

By: Javier Rodríguez Perera


2016-07-08 | 13:48:14 EST
Mayté González RodríguezMayté González Rodríguez Photo: Anaray LorenzoZoom

Her coach and her parents warned about her timid and introverted nature. Nonetheless I insisted on discovering a champion in the dawn of her career. There was the 12 year-old Mayté González Rodríguez, waiting to plunge once again into the water for her fourth title in the current National School Games.

She is indeed timid and quiet, but very concise in her statements. This Thursday she won her fourth title, this time in the 4x50m freestyle relay. This is joined by her gold medals in 200m medley, 200m backstroke with a record of 32.33 sec. In addition, she came in second in 400m freestyle because of the exhaustion of competing in too many events the same day.

Mayté began in Synchronized Swimming, but quitted as she was uninspired. Then she took to swimming as its training center was near her home in Cerro. Her parents did not influence in her decision to become a swimmer, she neither watched the competitions on TV.

She has reigned in all three editions of Marcelo Salado cup taking place in Cuba. As her coach Mirtha Díaz Martínez said, her disciple has been three times the best Cuban athlete of her category with an amazing record of 24 titles.

This teenage siren made her debut in the National School Games when she was nine, being  invited to take part in two relays racking up a title and a bronze medal. Since then, she has not hesitated leaving her rivals no choice but the second and third positions, since she has 16 gold medals in the last two editions.

About the current competition she has said she feels fine. However, exhaustion has wreaked havoc in her, ever since before the interview she took part in four events, to  which she is not adapted and this is a matter of concern for her. “Other competitors could be more prepared than me”, she said.       

In four days she will be turning 13. She lives in the water, like she said, as the training sessions leave her no space for hobbies. She aims at becoming a World and Olympic champion, but first she must enter the Marcelo Salado National swimming school, her next goal.

In this regard, her coach said that she is nominated to enter, something which is almost a fact, in addition the specialists consider that she can be in the future the first figure among the females of same age as her.


According to her parents and her coach, a proof of Mayté’s talent is the fact that she is a little more than a second away from the National Record in 50m backstroke held by Ana
María González.

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