Sweet Bye Bye to Can-Am

After completing its unprecedented step in the Can-Am League, the Cuban team bid farewell to the northern lands with a win in the exhibition match against the Japanese Shikoku Island, the other guest in the tournament

By: Raiko Martín

Email: raiko@juventudrebelde.cu

2016-07-04 | 15:02:57 EST
Yasiel Santoya.Yasiel Santoya. Photo: InternetZoom

The Cuban team took leave of their tour of the Can-Am League with a win by a score of 5-3 against the team from Shikoku Island of Japan, the other team invited by the organizers to liven up the tournament.

The team coached by Roger Machado scored a run in each of the first three innings, and counted on an excellent pitching task of skilled Pinar del Rio player Vladimir Baños, who remained in action for six innings allowing just three hits and striking out two rivals.

To take the last third of the game lefty Yoanni Yera from Matanzas took over the mound, who after a quiet entry-his companions had extended the lead four- endured a double drive for the first Japanese run and left a pair of men in circulation.

Then Livan Moinelo from Pinar del Rio came to the rescue, but could not prevent slam of Hashimoto which gave the other two runs of the losers.

Cuban climax appeared in the ninth inning, when Yasiel Santoya propelled Yorbis Borroto from third with a hit.

With this outcome, the Cuban team will return home with a global balance of 11 wins in 20 presentations, and can surely draw many conclusions after a beneficial experience, especially for less experienced players who were enrolled for the expedition.

For the farewell the line-up was as follows: 1. Julio P. Martinez (CF, 4-1), 2. Yorbis Borroto (SS, 4-0), 3. Luis R. Moirán (RF, 3-1), 4 . Yosvani Alarcón (BD, 5-2), 5. Yasiel Santoya (1B, 4-3), 6. Jefferson Delgado (3B, 3-1), 7. G. Avilés (LF, 4-1), 8. Olber Peña (R, 4-0) 9. Raul Gonzalez (2B, 4-2). Yunior Paumier (3B, 1-0) also played.

Translated by ESTI

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