With or Without Rain

The last group of Mountain Bikers seeking the scepter of the Tour are already in Havana, including the Colombian Diego Alejandro Tamayo, winner of the Titan Desert 2015

By: Norland Rosendo

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2015-12-05 | 19:51:50 EST
It is raining in Havana. Also, raining in the hills of Artemisa and Pinar del Rio, where the adventurers of the first Titan Tropic will ride on their metal horses. They say it´s a good omen. The competition will be more arduous, tiring, demanding.
If the rains continue, the trails will become almost impassable, increasing the mud, the rivers are swollen or at least raging; An exciting test to overcome such adversity.
As farsighted as usual, the organizers have already considered some modifications to the route if the rainfall increases, Victor Mur Mila the press officer told JR on Friday.
The last group of Mountain Bikers seeking the sceptre of the tour, including the Colombian Diego Alejandro Tamayo, Titan Desert champion 2015, arrived last night in Havana. And this afternoon will be rolling through the streets of the capital to showcase the "muscle" of their bikes and their expectations, ratified Victor.
The tour of Havana will begin at 3:00 pm with the exit from the Memories Miramar Hotel to the Plaza de Armas in Old Havana, where cyclists should arrive after pedalling along the waterfront and nearby arteries to the Plaza of the Revolution and the Capitol.
There they will register and an opening ceremony at the site in the historic centre, and then return on their bikes to the hotel. "And tomorrow the adventure begins, with or without rain," he stressed the press officer.
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