Cuban Athletes in Foreign Leagues

Several Cuban athletes are notable in foreign leagues which have hired them under the legal protection of the Cuban Volleyball Federation

By: Norland Rosendo


2015-11-18 | 17:25:28 EST
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Several Cuban athletes are now notable in foreign leagues which have hired them under the legal protection op the Cuban Volleyball Federation, though these aren’t the splendid times when Cuban national volleyball teams were among the best in the world.

Nine players have signed to play abroad, and thought it’s not the desired amount; it’s at least a step forward in the strategy to put the Cuban volleyball in its place of yesteryear. And players are confirming this with their results.

Thus, in the Czech Republic Super League much praise has been lavished on the phenomenal Melissa Vargas —now recovered from injury— and on Sulián Matienzo. The Protejov Club where they are playing, defeated the Frydek-Mistekf in consecutive sets last Tuesday, and kept the second place in the competition with six victories in seven matches. The  Protejov was defeated in a tiebreak by the Ostrava, the only unbeaten team in the competition.

Cuban athletes have been easy in the last games, because the opponents have been less demanding, Sulivan explained to this reporter. For instance, yesterday, she only played in the last quarter. And it’s possible that she will continue like that today because the SG LD Brno has been defeated in its seven games.

Protejov Club also takes part in the European Champions League, where it has been defeated in its two games. Protejov’s next presentation will be on November 25 against the Italian Club Casalmaggiore.

The Maliye Piyango, from Turkish Division 1, where Cuban Osmany Uriarte is playing, also won by a whitewash in the last duel. Uriarte scored 17 points in the triumph that has the additional value of being against the Istanbul BB club, the only club that has been undefeated in its first three games.

Now, the team of Uriarte, having two games won and two defeated, is tied in the sixth place  with another three teams, including the Belediye Plevne, its next opponent on November 2.
For its part, the PAOK —actual champion in the A1League in Greece— keeps its place, crushing 3-2 victory against the Pamvochaikos. In this game, the two Cubans had prominent roles: Rolando Cepeda scored 34 points and Javier Jiménez 17.
However, PAOK was defeated in its debut in the Euro League, so PAOK will play today to improve its image against the Italian team Trentino. Later, it will come back to play against Lamia (0-3) in the Greek competition on November 21.
Regarding the latest three hired athletes, JR has news that Jennifer Álvarez and Regla Gracia were hired by the team of the César Vallejo University, in the Volleyball tournament in Peru, the country where Daymara Lescay will also play; but the team has not been defined yet.

For his part, Liván Osoria is playing in the Argentine League.

Translated by ESTI

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