Cuban Athlete Yarisley Silva Wins Gold Medal

The Cuban Yarisley Silva vaulted 4.72 meters in Jockgrim, Germany

By: Abdul Nasser Thabet


2015-08-06 | 17:23:58 EST
The Cuban Yarisley Silva vaulted 4.72 meters in Jockgrim, GermanyThe Cuban Yarisley Silva vaulted 4.72 meters in Jockgrim, Germany Photo: AFPZoom
The Cuban Yarisley Silva had already won the gold medal in the international contest held in Stabhochsprung, so she becomes favorite for winning the World Athletics Championship that will take place in Beijing in sixteen days.

During an contest exclusive for pole vault athletes that took place last Wednesday in Jockgrim in Germany, Yarisley Silva rose to over 4.72 meters and left the silver and bronze medals for the hostess Martina Strutz (4.57) and Greek Karerina Stefanidi (4.47) respectively.

The reigning leader in the world ranking failed at 4.47 meters previously. However, she subsequently rose over 4.57 and 4.67 without blinking. And her final register was a new record in this context, only 72 hours after having vaulted 4.91 in Beckum.

Logically, in attempt to break her own record, later she asked for 4.92 without any luck. So, everybody is looking forward to the event in the Beijing. And, the achievement of her best records just two weeks before the World Championship is encouraging. However, I have to recognize that her opponents are in good shape, though they are «hidden», just to sow uncertainty. Thus, nobody knows anything about the Greek Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou since she recorded 4.83 on July 4, so she could be a serious opponent in Beijing.

For her part, the Brazilian Fabiana Murer and Jennifer Suhr from the United States have been out of competitions since July 23 when they took part in the Pan-American Games in Toronto where they respectively won the silver and bronze medals.

Jennifer Suhr, currently the Olympic gold medalist, barely registered 4.60 in Toronto, while the Brazilian was over the 4.80, however that wasn´t enough.

Silva hasn´t has a good beginning in this campaign; she had won only one gold medal since she rose to over 4.73 last July 4 in Paris. So, she will try to reach the world crown in China for her personal triumphs that include Olympic silver medal in 2012, world bronze medal outdoors in 2013 and the world indoor title in 2014. So let´s the games begin!

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