Calm Waters in Laguna Mandinga

Six races and as many golds was the successful balance of the Cuban rowers under in persistent rain and a chilling cold

By: José Luis López


2014-11-29 | 13:19:34 EST

VERACRUZ.- Recital and monologue by the Cuban Friday oars in the second round of the 22nd Central American and Caribbean Games rowing tournament, based in Laguna Mandinga, of this city.

Six races and as many golds, was the successful balance of the rowers, under persistent rain and a chilling cold. Such total hegemony, contributed largely to Cuba being this morning in the first place by country.

The domination and the advantage by time in each trial was expected, especially with the inclusion, in boats of Chinese origin, of the world runner up Angel Fournier and seasoned Yariulvis Cobas, who finished with two titles each.

Fournier won the individual event of Sculls (open weight), to complete the 2000 meters long in 6: 13.49 minutes, followed by the Mexican Juan Carlos Cabrera (6: 18.30) and the Venezuelan Emilio Torres (6: 27.79).

The Guantanamo man also won smoothly in the double sculls (open weight), accompanied by Eduardo Rubio, with a time of 5: 45.42 minutes.

Meanwhile, Cobas won the title in the short single Sculls, stopping the clocks in 7: 10.68 minutes, ahead of the Venezuelan Jenesis Pérez (7: 13.46) and the Mexican Lilia Pérez (7: 23.13).
The other gold for the World runner up from Guantanamo came maintaining an active pace of rowing with Aimee Hernandez in the double pair of oars, in 6: 20.33 minutes. "I was sure we had no rivals. But I never trusted it. We had to row hard, because there was not much wind, but the cold bothered me. I am in perfect physical condition, thanks to Dr. Rita Martinez,' Cobas commented to JR.
At the feast of Cuban golds, there was "dancing" in the men's long oar pairs final through Solaris Freire and Adrian Oquendo (6: 05.06). While a powerful final sprint, by Liosbel Hernandez and Raul Hernandez recorded 5: 57.52 minutes, and achieved winning the title in the double sculls, lightweight, in a hard-fought competition with the host pair.
"This was a nice revenge, because they (Mexicans) beat us at the Pan American Festival last month, under conditions high up in the Mexican Federal District. But here the conditions were equal. We started ahead and knew how to keep the lead," said Liosbel after the exhausting and demanding journey.
Powerful rowing by Fournier
The presence of the world runner up Angel Fournier gave prestige to the pale rowing tournament at the Veracruz muti-sport games.
This Friday, the portentous Cuban rower walked the distance and won without any trouble with the gold in the two tests he rowed. As an aside, before going to the doping test, Fournier agreed to talk with readers of JR.
- Comfortable proceedings on this date?
-I had full confidence in myself, because I am in full physical condition and have had very good preparation. The rivals today couldn’t keep up with me. These two gold medals are doubly important because they help the Cuban goal of finishing as top country. I still have a final tomorrow (today) in the open weight four and hopefully will win my third gold because my teammates are in good shape.
Did the doubles go well with Eduardo Rubio?
Yes, because he is very talented. I come out pulling so I can look in my mirror and this allows us to prepare well for the upcoming Pan American Games in Toronto, where rivals Canada and the United States will be more demanding than those seen here.
How do you rate the year?
- Throughout my career I have never had such a busy year, with many international competitions, including the World Championships in Amsterdam, where I got  bronze medal last August, and these Central American Games, in the month of November! I confess that I am very exhausted, with huge desire to rest.
But next year you have is also complicated ...
So it is. The battle will begin in July, with ratings in all three tests for the Pan American Games in Toronto. Then comes the World Cup in Serbia and Italy, and later I participate in the World Championships in France, which will give tickets for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
'And the tools to train and compete?
Now we have no complaints in that regard, because we have the latest model boats and oars. We can only train hard to maintain results.

Translated by ESTI

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