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Argentina will host the 18th Congress of Latin American and Caribbean Students, from June 5 to 9 next year.The call for this important forum was issued there

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2017-08-18 | 11:41:15 EST

"This is the time for students, it's time to be protagonists, this is our American time. The pains that remain are the freedoms that are missing! ", Reads one of his paragraphs of the call to the 18th. Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Students (CLAE), recently published in Argentina, the host country of the important regional forum to take place from 5 to 9 June 2018.

Yordan Bango Porro, who in the name of the Cuban FEU chairs the Latin American and Caribbean Continental Organization of Students (OCLAE), told the newspaper that the call is made incrucial moments for the imperialist onslaughtin the region amid threats to peace and integration; And also when in several countries their students intensify their struggle for the right to a free, democratic, public education with quality.

He stressed that the call to the OCLAE meeting was made from the National University of Cordoba, in presence of student leaders from various countries in the region and Argentine university authorities.

Through this event in 2018, the students of the region will recognize the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution for contributing to the dream of the Great Homeland as the main inspiration of the OCLAE. They will also remember the centenary of the University Reform in Cordoba, A movement that marked a milestone in student activism.

Bango Porro called to prepare the forum in each country and its sessions in Argentina, trench of combat against imperial demagoguery and hegemonism and in defense of the founding principles of the OCLAE.

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