Assembly of Hopesto be Installed Tomorrow

This Wednesday, from the Polyhedron of Caracas, Nicolás Maduro held a meeting with the constituents. There he spoke of hopes and announced that, in order to guarantee organizational matters, the ANC's installation will be this Friday in the morning

By: Alina Perera Robbio


2017-08-03 | 14:55:53 EST
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CARACAS, Venezuela.—In order to rediscover the country’sbalance, as an antidote to hatred and intolerance, the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) will beinstalled tomorrow, to which the people, in an exemplary way, unexpected for many in the world, said yes in the elections of July 30.

This Wednesday, from the Polyhedron of Caracas, where the people attended to vote in center of "contingency" before multiple threats by the opposition, Nicolas Maduro held a meeting with the constituents. There he spoke of hopes and announced that, in order to guarantee organizational matters, the ANC will be installed this Friday morning.

"We will come to fulfill our people’s wishes, we will never disappoint, we will arrive with our love, our healing of the Original Constituent Power to defend Venezuela," he said Wednesday - and as such was broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV) - the former Foreign Minister and candidate elected to the ANC Delcy Rodriguez.

After receiving the credentials from the National Electoral Council (CNE), Delcy said that with that entity, with that power of powers, the violent sectors will be defeated and peace will be maintained in the nation.

Meanwhile, the day before, and as VTV also reported, the country's first combatant and Constitutionalist Cilia Flores said that "there will be justice." Before the peopleshe said: "We have that commitment, and we know that you will accompany us. From all corners of the Republic you will be. We will be spokespersons but you are the ones who have the word, you are the ones that give orders to us, you are the ones who tell us the way because the constituent power is in you."

The Bolivarian fighter recalled that "the people are wise. They have underestimated the people; as well as President Nicolas Maduro because he is part of the people, and they do not know that innate wisdom is represented here in this people."

As for the moment when the ANC will be installed, Cilia asserted: "Let all those who attacked the people be prepared ... The people went out to vote because they want peace and there will be peace."

During his radio program Encuentro Popular AVN reported, the president of the Presidential Commission for the Constituent Assembly, Elías Jaua, made reference to a new stage of the Bolivarian Revolution, in which chavismo clearly emerges as an organized force, with a political project. Project, he assured, of which the people have appropriated to preserve the peace.

The ANC -reflected the constituent and outstanding fighter Aristobulo Istúriz- will decide what will happen to the current National Assembly "because it has plenipotentiary powers". And he assured that the entity will advance in the organization of the popular power.

As Aristobulus said, the opposition, which did not have the natural intelligence of the people in their predictions, missed the opportunity to participate in a democratic exercise. Still after the triumph of July 30, the constituentemphasized, Nicolás Maduro continues reaching out his hand for some agreement.

As Maduroexpressed in his speech on the morning of July 31, the ANCcan not alone solve the multiple tasks ahead of the Bolivarian Revolution, but there is no doubt that its commitment is far-reaching to the agenda that looms in the horizon: battle for peace, justice, equality, economic, political and social development of the nation.

Translated by ESTI

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