Nicaragua: Victory and the Example

“The legacy of Augusto César Sandino lives on”, said First Vice-president of the Councils of State and Ministers Miguel Díaz-Canel 

By: Juventud Rebelde


2017-07-20 | 15:48:38 EST
MANAGUA, July 19.- “The fact that so many young people and so many joyful facesare here is a sign of victory, that the blood shed was not in vain and the legacy of Augusto César Sandino lives on”, said Cuba’s First Vice-president Miguel Díaz-Canel during the celebration for the 38th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua.
In addition, during his speech in the commemorative act for the anniversary recalling the overthrow of Somoza’s dictatorship, he highlighted the achievements of Nicaragua and qualified his sucesses in the politic, economic and social field as undeniable.
Díaz-Canel also recalled that Managua lived intense days in the 23rd meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum, this month, whose final declaration renewed the vows of the Latin American leftwing against neoliberalism.
With this regard, he ratified the election of Havana as venue of this event next year. “We’ll work for the unity of the regional leftwing and for the strengthening of the consensus of Our America”, he said, while reiterating that Cuba will not relinquish any principle in spite of the pressure of the US Government.
Equally, he denounced the aggressive maneuvers against Venezuela, which constitute a bid more of the imperialism and the oligarchies at its service to restore “the most savage and hegemonic imperialism”in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Cuba’s First Vice-president reiterated the steadfast support of his country for the Venezuelan people and its President Nicolás Maduro.
In his tribute to the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution, Díaz-Canel recalled the hommage to Fidel Castro and Che in the Sao Paulo Forum, as a confirmation that their legacy have not died and that it brings new hopes of a better world, he said.
At the end of his speech, he thanked the Nicaraguan people and Government for the support received, as well as the world claim for the lifting of the blockade imposed on Cuba by Washington for over fifty years.
The act, held at Plaza Santa Fé in Managua, was presided over by Nicaragua’s President and Vice-president Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, respectively. It was also attended by international guests, like Bolivia’s President Evo Morales and Salvador’s President Salvador Sánchez Cerén.

Translated by ESTI

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