Donald Trump Met with 2506 Brigade Members Back in 1999

Three visits to Miami’s far right are on the US President’s record

By: Juana Carrasco Martín


2017-06-27 | 16:42:01 EST

Donald Trump relapsed into bad practices, when he consorted with anti-Cuban politicians, contrarrevolutionary people, defeated 2506 Brigade mercenaries, and today’s mercenaries who call themselves dissidents when they are annexationists of the 21st century.

We saw him at the event in Miami’s Little Havana, when, on June 20, he put on the show of the year, giving and receiving favors and with a pedestrian speech, habitual gestures and grimaces to accompany the bravado, announcing the reversal of Obama's policy towards Cuba and the tightening of the blockade, between cries of USA, USA, USA !, pronounced by the hearing.

October 25, 2016: The "very brief" second meeting in search of the votes to become President. Photo: The Miami Herald

He had previously been with his neighbors of Miami - remember that he has a huge mansion-resort in Palm Beach, in Mar-e-Lago, and during the election campaign, in search of presidential votes he led rallies In Florida and was deferential with the Bay of Pigs veterans he met with on October 25, 2016, in a "very brief" ten minute-act, according to the New Herald report, but in which he suggested that his policy towards Cuba would put more pressure on the Government of the Island because "what you are asking for is fair and right". That "fair and right" was blockade and more blockage against the current interests of US businessmen and Cuban residents in that country.

On the outskirts of the 2506 seat, Cuban Trump supporters had gathered and the Herald report described the scene when they saw the then candidate passing by: "A young man of Latin origin came to see what was happening. One of the demonstrators shouted at him in Spanish "do not worry that they are not going to deport you yet." Then he turned and in English mumbled: "this little people with roasted skin do not like us."

A Visit in 1999

But this was not either the first time the empire’s president came to this auditorium. We have to go back to November 15, 1999.

Then, and that's the photo of our story, Donald Trump and his girlfriend, the model Melania Knauss (since they had not yet signed papers as a couple), joined the Republican representative for Florida Ileana Ros-Lehtinen - who in Cuba We know as "the ferocious wolf" by that campaign against the return of a child to his father and to the people who supported him firmly; They went to visit a museum, that of defeat.

Trump, his girlfriend Melania, the Ileana of Miami and 2506 mercenary  Perez Franco. Photo: Getty Images

The image is revealing, accompanied by Juan Pérez-Franco, then president of the 2506 Assault Brigade, and the space is dedicated to those " fighters for freedom," because the terms used there are examples of neologisms to call terrorists and mercenaries.

What was the real estate tycoon doing there? Not exactly playing golf in one of their fields trying to make a winning hole, right? As his trip was exploratory about the possibility of running for president of the United States as a candidate of the Reform Party.

Years later, in 2015, when Trump aspired to be a Republican candidate for the 2016 election, The Hill, the Washington-based paper on power issues, described the 1999 trump card adventure: "It was a fascinating swing campaign" adding that "few paid attention to it," but it was the rehearsal, since "almost everything he showed in 2015 was very clear during the few months of 1999."

Trump had quit the Republican Party and joined the Reform party to seek the nomination, formed an exploratory committee, flooded the talk shows, took a high profile "swing campaign" in California and promised to spend a hundred million dollars to win not only the Reformist Party nomination, but " the whole megillah." (Megillah is a talmudic word that would mean roll).

When he spoke to a select group of high-paying VIPs, he told them "In business and in life, people want to hear straight talk" and added: "We are tired of being bulls...ed by these moron politicians " the audience was delighted then," as many are now, "The Hill pointed out.

The Reform Party had the previous attempts of another millionaire, Ross Perot, in 1992 and 1996, who managed to be on the ballots of all states. But Trump could not, although it was rumored that he could take as a companion on the ballot the famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey or the actor Warren Beatty, or the actress Cybill Shepherd or the commentator conservative Pat Buchanan, all figures of the spectacle.

In those years, the tycoon wrote a book The America We Deserve, where he projected his vision of the United States with elements he repeated in his winning attempt of 2016, when he said: "I understand good times and I understand bad times. I mean, why is a politician going to do a better job than I am?"

In that year that was leaving behind the 20th century, Pat Buchanan, who also aspired to presidential candidacy, said about Trump: "I don’t believe the Reform Party nomination can be bought, and I don’t believe the presidency can be bought »...

In the end, Trump quit the race, but he stated that "in a number of years, I might consider it". so he did.

Was there a deal with the anti-Cuban far right in 1999 when he met with the fierce wolf at the mercenaries' house? Was there any deal in 2016 with the new promotional visit? The decision made on June 20, 2017 seems to respond from a position of ideological obsession and not from the rational calculations of a businessman.

June 16, 2017: surrounded by the anti-Cuban bestiary of Miami he made the blockade against Cuba more stringent. Photo: The Miami Herald

So aspirations and friendships are nothing new. We have already said, Donald Trump relapsed into bad practices.

Translated by ESTI

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