Trump in the Time Machine

This Friday, Trump decided to retake the old aggressive policy toward Cuba

By: Enrique Milanés León


2017-06-19 | 14:45:27 EST

Countless news media reports blew it in their headlines: “Donald Trump signed a new foreign policy toward Cuba” ignoring a significant detail: it’s not a new policy, it’s the old, the most rancid and unsuccessful. The one that never worked and does not seem to make it now.To such an extent that the President of the United States threw away the old faces when retiring the polished Barack Obama bait. This Friday, Trump decided to continue the old aggressive policy.

To say that is new that the White House will deny US citizens’ tourism in Cuba, that it wants to overthrow a rebel government, that it is trying to change a political system unpleasant to it; to say that Washington supports the dissident groups it has cultivated -from degeneracy to degeneracy of the White House- in green grooves of dollars, that it is allergic to Cuban military forces and schizophrenic to the Castros and that now it is about to get a “Free Cuba”...should be revised for errata.

One thing stands out: five months after his investiture, Donald Trump is a president in trouble, harassed and accused, objected inside and outside of his party, a poor multimillionaire drowned in politics urged to divert attention from his fast track of shamelessness, an agent forced to pay the anti-Cuban right-wing in the Capitol not for the votes of yesterday –which did not ensure the presidency for him, as it is said- but the support in the oncoming storms of tomorrow.

It is more than evident that he has rode on Obama’s “legacy” to put on a presidential semblance which falls short to reach his figure. In this, perhaps more than in the attack on Obamacare, the pact with Iran and the Paris Climate Agreement, reversing progress with Cuba will guarantee that the press he has beaten so much has to publish something other than his probable impeachment.

Of course, for Cubans and Americans in good faith, the matter is more serious than the occurrence of a poorly adviced man. This decision will bring bad consequences and will result in actions and reactions which will thicken the long file of a dispute that presidents like him do not want to finish.

This Friday, Donald Trump used in his speech a “damned” word for the dialog he wants to call. When he said “challenge” Cuba to come to the table with a better agreement, almost everyone in Cuba thought about Maceo, who faced with similar intentions in Baraguá, declined to sit on the enemy’s side. Not that way...

It cannot be decorated: this speech added a few miles more to the long road toward normalization of bilateral relations. Against the slow thaw which was in progress, Trump opted for a refreezing tailored to the Jurassic segment of the Cuban-American community based in Florida and sitting in the Congress.  

Cuba will encounter obstacles, but will be able to overcome them; that is no novelty either. On the other side of the iceberg that Trump tries to plant in the strait of Florida there will also be damages because the vaunted defender of employment wants to erase thousands of job posts of compatriots benefited by the rapprochement, and disappear millions of dollars in the pockets of that economy.

Although this is not a feat, the numbers know more than Donald Trump. Pew Research Center has pointed out that 75 % Americans support the previous less belligerent policy toward Cuba. With his decision, the tycoon shows the kind of president he is and makes it very clear where the dictatorship is. It is necessary, when it comes to writing, that the worldwide media state on their headlines what Cuba will make with Trump’s new signature.

Translated by ESTI  

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