Over 50 Days of Hate Imposed on Venezuela

According to figures of the Bolivarian National Guard more than 1 600 demonstrations have sparked off throughout the country, and at least 600 have been violent

By: Juventud Rebelde

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2017-05-23 | 16:25:30 EST
CARACAS, May 23.— Crime against human rights are the terms Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez used to label all the actions and demonstrations of hate promoted by opposition groups in the last 50 days in the Bolivarian country, resulting in 47 dead people and more than 900 wounded, AVN reported.
In a press conference, the Foreign Minister stressed that “the expressions of violence, hate and bigotry are untypical expressions of the Venezuelan people, are expressions with an imperial label, thus has been denounced by President Nicolás Maduro.”
Rodríguez also said that the government has denounced before international bodies "how the empire, along with the Venezuelan opposition, tries to introduce Venezuelans into a war scenario to justify intervention, as it did in Syria and Ukraine."
For this reason, she added, the national executive has concentrated the actions of state security forces on restraining violence, and on works of prevention and intelligence to protect sectors of the society which are not part of the spirals of violence.
At the same conference, the Minister for Communication and Information, Ernesto Villegas, called on the political factors of the right to cease the call to violence and warned that opposition political sectors use the names of deceased people to accuse the Government  for " A State policy "that leads" to the death of Venezuelans."
She added that according to figures of the Bolivarian National Guard more than 1 600 demonstrations have sparked off throughout the country, and at least 600 have been violent.
She also recalled that the law does not allow officials to use firearms, noting that President Nicolás Maduro has ordered the security forces to refrain even from using shotguns.
On this day, EFE said, doctors and health workers took to the streets of central Caracas in support of the Constituent Assembly convened by Maduro. Health Minister Luis López, who spearheaded the mass mobilization, told Venezolana de Televisión that the National Constituent Assembly will strengthen the health system, which he said has been "shielded" by the Venezuelan Head of State.
Meanwhile, the leader of Venezuela’s United Socialist Party (PSUV) Aristóbulo Istúriz reported that on Tuesday the town will be mobilized in several avenues and squares of Caracas in favor of peace, AVN announced.
Meanwhile, Venezuela’s Communist Party (PCV) thanked the country for its strong international support against the right-wing coup plot in order to create a climate of ungovernability that would justify foreign intervention, a move that would have destabilizing effects on countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.
“The defense of stability in Venezuela is connected with the defense of stability in the region”, member of the PCV politburo Carlos Aquino highlighted.
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