Peruvian Regional Authorities Thank Cuban Medical Solidarity

Since Monday the Cuban medical brigade has been assisting the damaged of five shelters, where thousands are taking refuge

By: Juventud Rebelde


2017-04-05 | 17:23:14 EST
Since Monday, Cuban doctors began to treat those affected at five shelters.Since Monday, Cuban doctors began to treat those affected at five shelters. Photo: Dr. Enmanuel Vigil FonsecaZoom

April 5, 2017

Piura, Peru.—For the city of Catacos, the most pounded by the rain, the Cuban medical staff “has come like fallen from heaven” this was expressed by Mayor Juan Francisco Cieza in a dialogue with Cuban Ambassador Sergio Gonzalez and the head of the Cuban medical brigade Rolando Piloto.  

Governor of Piura Reynaldo Hilbck, who also took part in the meeting expressed recognition for the Cuban solidarity and its healthcare workers assisting the damaged by the floods which affect that territory, PL reported.

Hilbck offered full support to the Cuban professionals arrived in Peru last Friday and gave them immediate logistical support so the head of the brigade moves between various points in which they operate.

Since Monday, Cuban doctors have assisted the victims of five shelters, made up by thousands of people. Only in San Pablo camp there are three thousand people, while camp 980 has six thousand.

Cuban doctors yesterday began their task of taking care of the victims in five shelters that receieved people evacuated, being affected by worst rainfalls.

Only on its first day the Brigade members assisted 517 patients and conducted more than 500 educational activities of prevention and health promotion in order to avoid the transmission of diseases in the camps, said Rolando Piloto.

The head of the brigade noted the hospitality of the population to Cuban doctors and the awareness of the need to avoid that the stagnation of the waters and other negative conditions generate greater evils.

The Cuban doctors also developed group educational works in the camps and did a risk evaluation in water sources and dumps, as well as of epidemics risks.

They took part also in a meeting headed by the minister of Health Patricia García for the coordination of works of fumigation and in another one of the Peruvian commission of sanitation and safety of water sources for the camps.

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