The EU White Paper with Notes on the Divorce

This document opens the debate that leaders of the region will hold at the Rome Summit on March 25, on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the European unitary project

By: Juventud Rebelde


2017-03-03 | 18:07:00 EST
BRUSELAS. — Last Wednesday, the European Commission (EC) put five options on the table to design the future European Union (EU) composed of 27 members, without the United Kingdom, ranging from a true political and economic union to a simple single market.  This debate has the purpose of involving all the citizens of the countries engaged.

EFE reported that the EC has presented the White Paper on the Future of Europe in Brussels. The White Paper opens the debate that the leaders of the region will hold at the Rome Summit on March 25, on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the European unitary project. A statement on the way to follow after BREXIT or United Kingdom exit from the EU, will be issued at that meeting.

The summit "will not simply be the anniversary; but the birth of the EU to 27"; it will serve to "turn the page", the EC President Jean-Claude Juncker said before the plenary of the European Parliament, adding that the White Paper "is the beginning of the process, not the end" and hoped it begins " a frank and broad debate. "

Juncker highlighted that the current bloc is limited to solve problems like the fight against unemployment, because the policies in this area are primarily national and not European.

The document notes that despite the achievements of the EU, "many Europeans consider the Union either too distant or too much interfere in their daily lives", while "others question the added value of the Union or wonder how Europe improves their living standards '.
In order to make clear the message to citizens, the EC proposes five possible ways and analyzes what each of them would imply in practice by 2025.

The first way is to continue as now, the second aim of limiting the EU to a single market and the third way allows to advance those countries that want greater collaboration in areas like defense, security or social issues.

The fourth plans to do less; but more efficiently, focusing on certain political issues, and the ultimate commitment to go much further, sharing competencies, resources and decisions in all areas.

In the first debate on the most appropriate alternative, the European Trade Union Confederation expressed its disappointment with the White Paper and regretted that the EU executive "has given up any attempt at leadership" and invites everyone to "discuss options".
Juncker reiterated that he will not comment on his favorite scenario until September, during the speech on the State of the Union. However, he ruled out the second, simple single market, which does not meet his expectations about the Union.

The aim of the EC is that the debate will continue throughout the year to draw the first conclusions at the European Council next December.

Translated by ESTI

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