Venezuela Celebrates the Birthday of the Apostle

The José Mart Casa de Nuestra América and the Plaza that also bears his name were two of the scenarios where the greatness of the man of La Edad de Oro (The Golden Age) was remembered this January 28

By: Alina Perera Robbio


2017-01-30 | 12:52:18 EST
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CARACAS.- Because Venezuela was also his homeland, this Saturday the birth of José Martí was recalled in several places in the South American country, as part of a tribute started on January 19 and that this 28th has had its closure in the Plaza that carries the Name of the Apostle and is located only meters from the Casa de America, also baptized with the identity of the exceptional Cuban.

On a cold, clean-air morning, the homage began at the emblematic Casa at ten o'clock in the morning, where Aracelis García, Deputy Minister of Development of the Ministry of Popular Power for Culture in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, welcomed those present, conveyed greetings from President Nicolás Maduro and the Minister of Popular Power for Culture, Adán Chávez - both aware of the activity that was taking place - and said that the lives of men like Martí should cause upsets.

Upsets, she said, in addition to training, learning and reflection needed on the unity that the great America must achieve.

Sady Loaiza, executive director of the National Library of Venezuela, said that they will move heaven and earth to tell about the work of beings like Martí or Fidel.

The José Martí Casa de Nuestra América was filled by music: Cuban troubadour Manuel López, a 27-year-old from Santiago who shares his artistic vocation in this sister nation as part of the Corazón Adentro Culture Mission, performed songs inspired by Fidel, Chávez and In the two brother countries. Not far away, in the Plaza José Martí, hundreds of people waited to celebrate the tribute ceremony for the birthday of the man of the Golden Age.

José Bracho, Councillor for the Bolivarian municipality of Libertador, said in a meeting marked by emotion, in which he kept Martí, Bolivar, and other heroes alive, and "the giant Fidel Castro Ruz": "We have already committed ourselves to see that the Casa is not visited once a year but every month. Let's make life in the Martí Square, more than we already do. "

We entered a February of mobilization, he said, convinced of the importance of the necessary unity, the same that Chavez defended among the peoples of America.

A special moment was when Professor Luis Britto Garcia, lawyer, narrator, essayist, playwright, draftsman, member of the Network of intellectuals in Defense of Humanity, offered a masterly lecture from an admirable oratory.

"How beautiful the morning," he emphasized, "begins with music, beginning with the images of the heroes; And how beautiful the morning begins by remembering, more than the birth of a man, the birth of a Caribbean nation.

For Britto Garcia January 28 should be the Caribbean New Year's date as an immense nation yet to be born, of which Marti was a forerunner.

With the word, the teacher drew the encounter between the image of the Liberator who starts on his horse, in a magnificent attack towards the south, and the young man who looks at him as a son, who has arrived in Venezuela and already knows prison and exile , who has written a lot and is therefore well known. From such contrast, Britto defined, the young man's impetus was born to assume a great task: to write the poem called homeland, Cuba, Caribbean.

"America is the scattered words of a poem that has to find meaning, its rhythm and rhyme in the actions of men. And that will be Marti's great task. "

The sense of homage closed with songs of the Colmenita belonging to the headquarters of Caracas - a dream, made reality, of Hugo Chávez -, and with the dance of women of the third age. Such manifestations are expression of the Cuban presence of the Cultural Mission Corazón Adentro.

In the Plaza, among the authorities present in the name of the host country, were Aracelis García, Sady Loaiza, and Acmar Jabour, Director of Culture and Solidarity of the Foreign Ministry.

On the Cuban side were Jacinto Gómez Valdés, Head of the National Working Group; Juan Ricardo PollGean, deputy chief of the Office of Attention to the Missions in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; Luis García Trujillo, deputy head of the Diplomatic Mission of the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela; and Beatriz Johnson, president of the Provincial Assembly of Santiago de Cuba, who these days is on an official visit whose agenda included the meeting, very early on Saturday morning, with a group of our collaborators, members of the Medical Mission.

To add importance to this 28th, the Consulate General of the Republic of Cuba in Valencia, Carabobo State was inaugurated, with the presence of Rogelio Polanco Fuentes, ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in the South American country.

Translated by ESTI

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