Mexico Returns Undocumented Migrants to Cuba

The Mexican INM ratified the commitment to apply the law without distinction of nationality, ensuring human rights

By: Juventud Rebelde


2017-01-27 | 16:59:11 EST

January 23, 2016

MEXICO CITY. - Ninety-one Cuban undocumented migrants who had arrived in the Mexican state of Chiapas in an attempt to illegally enter the United States were sent back to Cuba by Mexican immigration authorities.

The Cubans were sent home from the Chiapas airport in Tapachula, after Cuban authorities granted recognition of nationality, in accordance with the memorandum of understanding and bilateral agreements between Mexico and Cuba, according to the Mexican National Institute of Migration (INM) quoted by Xinhua.

Through a statement, Mexico´s INM stated that the return of Cubans to their country is carried out «in compliance with the provisions of the Migration Law, » and in corroborating the irregular migration situation of 91 Cubans in Mexican territory.

The INM said that Cuban citizens were returned on a Federal Police plane after obtaining permission from the island authorities to land the aircraft in the city of Havana.

In the assisted return, the immigration authority sent 20 women and 71 men to Cuba who were subject to the current immigration procedure, the INM emphasized.

«The National Institute of Migration ratifies its commitment to apply the law without distinction of nationality, ensuring the human rights of foreigners traveling through Mexican territory, » the INM highlighted.

They are the first Cubans to be repatriated from Mexico following the elimination by former President Barack Obama on 12 December of the policy known as «dry feet-wet feet, » which allowed Cubans to stay in the United States and access to the residency in a year and one day after touching US soil, under the also politicized Cuban Adjustment Act, whose repeal would be in the hands of Congress.

Along with the suspension of the aforementioned policy, the White House also removed the Parole Program for Cuban medical professionals in third countries.

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