Cuba Recognizes the High Significance of the Repeal of the Common Position

This stance, which conditioned the links with the EU for changes imposed from the outside, was overcome in almost two years of intense negotiations

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-12-07 | 17:22:28 EST

A statement by the Deputy Foreign Minister, Abelardo Moreno, published on the website of the Foreign Ministry, expresses the satisfaction that our country welcomes the decisions adopted this December 6 by the European Union (EU) Economic and Financial Affairs Council, with which the Community bloc concluded internal consultations and decisions concerning the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement between Cuba on the one hand and the EU and its Member States on the other.

Cuba recognizes in particular the high political significance of the decision that definitively repeals the so-called Common Position of 1996, which since its adoption was firmly rejected by our country because of its intrinsic, selective and discriminatory nature, notes the text, which adds that this unilateral policy had been superseded de facto, as proven by the positive evolution in recent years of Cuba's ties with the European Union and its Member States.

Moreno said that it was essential for Cuba that such a vestige of the past, contradictory to the bases of equality, reciprocity and respect on which its relations with the European Union developed since 2008, should be completely abolished.

Equally, it considers that the decisions taken by the EU creates the conditions for signing the Agreement, which will for the first time provide the relations between the two parties with a reciprocal, respectful and mutually advantageous contractual framework for the development of political dialogue and Cooperation, including facilitation of trade.

Several news agencies reported the news. EFE said that the first bilateral agreement in the history of the EU with Cuba will be signed in Brussels on December 12.

"We are at a real turning point ... The EU is showing its willingness to support the process of economic and social modernization in Cuba" said the EU's top foreign policy representative, Federica Mogherini, in a statement. .

Mogherini will sign the agreement on the margins of a council of EU foreign ministers, along with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and EU foreign ministers.

The Common Position, which will be eliminated with the signing of the new agreement, was unilaterally introduced by the EU at the request of the Spanish Government, then led by the conservative José María Aznar, and conditioned relations to the obligation of internal changes in the island. Starting on 12 December, the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement will be the new legal framework for these links.

Negotiations began in April 2014 and concluded, after seven rounds, with its rubric in Havana in March 2016.

Translated by ESTI 

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