Michel Temer Meets Latin American Rejection

Sme representatives from Latin American countries left the room when Brazil’s President addressed the meeting

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-09-21 | 17:38:38 EST

UNITED NATIONS, September 21.- the 71st session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) started its annual high-level General Debate in New York, focusing on the promotion of global sustainable development.

Over 140 world leaders convened in New York for the week-long debate “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): A global boost to change our world” which is the topic this year, said Xinhua.

General Assembly Speaker Peter Thomson said he pledged himself to boost the implementation of the world goals to end poverty, inequality and to fight against climate change.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon opened the session of the General Assembly calling the member states to remove obstacles and facilitate aid for millions of refugees around the world, AVN reported.

He also asked for the end of violence in Syria and called the world leaders to join the Paris agreement on climate change before the end of the year.

According to facts from the body, 86 Heads of State, 49 Heads of Government, a crown prince, five vice-presidents, 51 ministers and three observers will take part in the meeting, Telesur reported.

Following the tradition Brazil was the first to address the meeting and the presence of Michel Temer caused delegations from some Latin American countries to leave the room in opposition to President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment. 

Ecuador, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua left the room as soon as Michel Temer addressed the UN General Assembly, Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Guillaume Long announced on Twitter, Prensa Latina reported.

According to AFP, Temer met the snub of delegations from some Latin American countries leaving the room. In his speech he said that the process which took him to power “took place in the most complete constitutional order.”

“Some countries did that spontaneously”, Long told AFP. “We decided not to listen to the president”, and added that his country rejects Brazil’s political events “as surreptitious putsch”.

The use of administratives reasons against universal suffrage is something we disapprove, and sets a bad precedent in the region.”


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