Brazil: History will be Implacable with Coup Perpetrators

President Dilma Rousseff removed from office by 61 votes in the Senate, ratifies that she will continue struggling to build a better future. They couldn´t disqualified her politically, as the Right was also trying. Michel Temer, the coup perpetrator, ran out to take the oath. Continental rejection to the coup is growing up


By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-09-01 | 14:06:51 EST
Donning color red jacket PT, Dilma sent a message of fight those who gave him strength and affection.Donning color red jacket PT, Dilma sent a message of fight those who gave him strength and affection. Photo: EFEZoom

September 1st, 2016

 BRASILIA. — Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff removed from office by a parliamentary coup when the Senate voted 61-20 last Wednesday, confirmed that the fight will continue.

 «At present, I will not say goodbye to you, I have confidence that I can tell see you soon. I know I´m going to take on other tasks very soon. I will fight tirelessly from now on to continue building the future, to have a future, » Dilma said at a press conference where she was dressed in red, the color of the Worker´s Party.

She also noted that as president she did not flee her responsibilities and worked to fight against poverty.

 «I won many of those fights, and now I take a break to tell you, I do not want to be in the place of those who believe themselves winners. History is going to be ruthless with them, as in past decades, » she said during Telesur broadcasting, where she sent a message to those who gave her strength and affection.

 «We are not happy, what reason would we have to be sad? » Rousseff asked. «A hug to the Brazilians and those men and women who share democracy and believe in justice in all its forms, » said Dilma, who was sheltered by dozens of supporters, former members of her government and legislators of the ruling Workers´ Party, EFE reported.

 The President was accused of issuing loans without authorization from Congress and delaying payment to public Brazilian banks for funding social programs, actions that do not constitute a crime of responsibility which is laid down in the Constitution as a motive for the removal of a president, however, it was the reason she was charged of. But nothing could be proved.

 The arguments of impeachment against the President disregarded the audit report submitted by technicians of the Senate, indicating that complaints against Rousseff had no basis and that did not constitute a crime of responsibility, and no evidence of crimes of corruption or crimes responsibility was showed, AVN highlighted.

However, the purpose of putting her away from the political life for eight years by disqualifying her, did not advance, because an appeal by the Worker´s Party managed to split the vote, so the two thirds of the necessary votes were not issued.

 A Hurried Temer

 The ceremony where the partner of the coup Michel Temer took on the presidency of Brazil until 2018, when the command for which Dilma Rousseff was elected by 54 million votes slipped past by the maneuver that overthrow Dilma, lasted 10 minutes.

 «I promise to keep, defend and ensure the Constitution, observe the laws, promote the good of the Brazilian people, » Temer said when he was sworn as president at 16.48 Brasilia time (21.48 GMT) in a special session of Congress composed of 81 senators and 513 deputies, ANSA reported.

 The Rousseff image was trying to be erased too hastily, although this is inherent to her legacy. Just two hours after being deposed by the coup maneuver, the official portraits of Dilma with the presidential sash began to be removed from the offices of the Planalto Palace, the seat of executive, EFE reported.

 Meanwhile, President of the Senate Renan Calheiros, one of the politicians investigated for corruption, and the President of the Supreme Federal Tribunal Ricardo Lewandowski, took the oath of that who was the acting president since May 12, because he was the vice president during Dilma´s government, but there was no imposition of the presidential sash. Since Temer, from the Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB) Party, assumed temporarily he acted like a legitimate president, and began to subvert the government program voted by the Brazilians who gave Dilma a second term in 2014.

So evident was the coup process, EFE reported last Wednesday, that Temer met his ministers and demanded to dismantle the thesis of «coup, » immediately after taking office.

 Nor was convertible car ride from the Esplanade of Ministries or speech from the balcony of the Planalto, which account for greeting the people.

 Temer, the Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB) Party, since he assumed temporarily acted like a legitimate president, and began to subvert the government program voted by the Brazilians who gave him a second term in 2014 Dilma.

So evident was the coup process EFE reported Wednesday that, immediately after taking office, Temer met his ministers and demanded to dismantle the thesis of "coup".

 «To those who will tell we are coup perpetrators, you will answer: you are the coup perpetrators who are against the Constitution, he said without arguments.

At that first meeting, he told his Ministerial Cabinet where there are also members investigated for corruption «Today we inaugurate a new era of two years and four months. We have to leave from here with a clap of the Brazilian people, » AFP quoted him.

 EFE also noted that the ceremony of inauguration was shorter than the time Temer took to through the halls of the Senate, packed by his supporters, and EFE described his supporters as «mostly politicians, white men, advanced in gray and uniformed in dark suits, who Temer greeted almost one by one. »

He not even dared to enter the ramp of the Congress, which is the main and solemn entrance to the legislative seat, and he quietly entered by a side called the «headgear, » an access where the members of the Congress left hats many decades ago.

 The image was similar during the investiture of the acting Government appointed by Temer last May, in which he did not name any woman, or any black among the 28 ministers, reason why he was criticized by his opponents, EFE recalled.

 Appeals to the Supreme Court

 The lawyer for the dismissed president Jose Eduardo Cardozo announced that he will present at least two appeals to the Supreme Court against the Senate decision to dismiss and replace Dilma by Michel Temer, her vice president, because there was no just cause for the decision.

«We will present in principle at least two resources. One this same Wednesday and another few days after, » Cardozo told reporters shortly after the Senate´s decision, EFE reported.

 He said that he will argue that the right of defense of the president was cut off at various stages of the process that began last December when the Chamber of Deputies accepted the procedures to begin the trial. The Chamber was then chaired by Dilma´s archenemy Eduardo Cunha, from the PMDB, who was suspended from his duties for corruption shortly after.

 Many analysts point out that what has been implemented against Dilma demonstrates the limitations of the Brazilian democracy, which some of the senators who delivered speeches during this long and unusual impeachment, tried to praise. Some reports recalled that 60 percent of those who voted are accused or on trial on charges linked to issues around corruption. It is also known that the oligarchy, fearful of losing its privileges, is behind this foul move.

 Regional Condemnation


 While, as it was expected, the Argentine executive chaired by Mauricio Macri was hastened to recognize «the institutional process in Brazil», other Latin American governments condemned the coup and called for consultations.

Thus, the Government of Venezuela expressed in a statement its categorical condemnation to the coup, its solidarity with Dilma, and said that the maneuver that did away with Dilma´s mandate has «dangerously and illegitimately replaced the popular will of 54 million of Brazilians, violating the Constitution and distorting democracy in this brother country, » the text noted and while it called the incident as a «historical betrayal» against her people.

 «This parliamentary coup is part of the oligarchical and imperial charge against the popular, progressive, nationalist and left processes, whose only purpose is to restore neoliberal models of social exclusion and spoliation of our natural wealth that brought poverty and backwardness to our peoples, and thus end the models of genuine democracy and the unitary integration in the region, » the text denounced.

Likewise, the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa called the impeachment of Rousseff as «an apology for the abuse and betrayal. »

 «We never agree in these practices, which remind us the darkest hours of our America, » Correa said in his account in Twitter social network, and he called the decision of the Senate of Brazil as «an apology to abuse and betrayal, » while he said  «all our solidarity with the comrade Dilma, Lula, and all the Brazilian people. »

From La Paz was also known the condemnation by Bolivian President Evo Morales to what happened in Brazil. Evo summoned the Bolivian ambassador in Brasilia, reported EFE, and condemned the «parliamentary coup against Brazilian democracy. We are accompanying Dilma, (former President Luiz Inacio) Lula (da Silva) and the Brazilian people at this difficult time, » he wrote in his Twitter account.

 For its part, Nicaragua also condemned «the parliamentary coup» and noted that with the completion of that process «is being declared in many ways the opening of a difficult stage for the Brazilian people, which speaks of the return of neoliberal policies. »

 One of the first statements was that of the the revolutionary government of Cuba, which strongly rejected the parliamentary-judicial coup d´etat against Rousseff, and called it as «an act of disrespect for the sovereign will of the people who chose her. »

 For its part, the progressive caucus of Parlasur expressed its total rejection, and said in a statement that «There is no more democracy in Brazil. »

«South America is again a laboratory for the extreme right (...) New way to violate the people´s sovereignty, » Argentina´s former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said in her Twitter account.

The US Government, like the government of Argentina, endorsed the coup, considering that the dismissal of Dilma occurred within the Brazilian
«constitutional framework, » so US Government expressed «respect» for the decision of the Senate and promised to work with the new president, EFE reported.

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