Senate for Giving Dilma Political Death

On Tuesday the legislative body in question  went into heated debate before the final vote to be issued today Wednesday

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-08-31 | 17:07:57 EST
Brasilia before the Senate this people decided: Brasilia before the Senate this people decided: "Outside Temer." Photo: ReutersZoom

BRASILIA.— President Dilma Rousseff was subject to more than 14 hours of interrogation carried out at the Senate trial on Monday. And on Tuesday,  that legislative body went into a heated debate before the final vote to be issued this Wednesday, which is predicted will separate Dilma from the position for which she was elected by 54 million of votes.

According to AFP, the Brazilian Senate delved, between tears, shouts and references to God, into the final discussion, after the lawyer for the prosecution Janaina Paschoal noted that «the  impeachment is a constitutional remedy to what we need to appeal when the situation reveals to be particularly serious. »

Paschoal said, trying to prove that the first woman president of Brazil, former guerrilla against dictatorship and member of the  Workers Party, «violated» the Constitution, that «God was who did that several people perceived at the same time what was happening in the country. »

A divine clairvoyance where messengers, like the President of the Chamber of Deputies Eduardo Cunha, have proven involvement in the Petrobras famous scandal of corruption.

On the fifth day of the trial, Paschoal said that Dilma had violated administrative standards in drawing up the national budget. «This is not about a small accounting problem, it is fraud, » she said in her hard statement in which she added that «the President lied, » AP quoted.

Defense Attorney José Eduardo Cardozo highlighted that the removal of Dilma would be «a political death sentence. » He insisted that if she were convicted  «a coup could be perpetrated» and he blamed the «political and economic elite» of the conspiracy,  ANSA reported.

This trial has been so dramatic that both, the defense lawyer and the prosecution, cried. AFP noted

According to AP, tears were running down Paschoal’s face when she finished her speech expressing hopes that Rousseff will forgive her «because the suffering I have caused her. »

"Scoundrels, scoundrels, scoundrels " shouted Senator Roberto Requio, from the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) and defender of Dilma Rousseff, making reference to the coup d’état against Joao Goulart in 1964. For this coup against Dilma is required only the vote of 54 senators, who would end to the successful social programs that managed to put millions of Brazilians out of poverty.

Rousseff was suspended from office on May 12, when her former Vice President Michel Temer, the bitter enemy of Dilma, assumed the acting presidency, becoming the president of Brazil until 2018.

The scandals splashing the entire political class and Brazilian elite, AFP noted, and questions about the legitimacy that this Senate can have to issue a verdict emerged as never before.

The Brazilian president was accused of authorizing expenditures behind the Congress and postponing payments to public banks to improve the accounts and continue funding social programs the year of her re-election and early 2015.

However, Rousseff gave the key in her speech: she had paid the price for refusing to remove a police investigation into millionaires bribes in Petrobras state oil company, and she said that corrupt legislators have been conspired to remove her and derailing this investigation.

AP adds that prominent businessmen and politicians, some of them from the Workers Party have gone to jail thanks to the investigations. However, the matter does not stop there: Independent groups estimate that 60 percent of the 594 legislators in both chambers are investigated because of irregularities and many of them because of corruption related to the investigation in Petrobras.

Rousseff said that it was an «irony of history» that people accused of serious crimes were  prosecuting her for crimes she did not commit.

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