Merkel, Renzi and Hollande Hold Meeting about the Challenges of Europe

The European Union (EU) needs greater cooperation in terms of immigration and security



2016-08-23 | 14:15:26 EST

ROMA.- Leaders from Italy, France and Germany agreed that the European Union need greater cooperation in the management of immigration and the assurance of security in the Schengen Area.

EFE reported that Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, France’s President François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merke agreed on these matters in a joint press conference held on board of the Garibaldi aircraft carrier off the coast of the Italian island of Ventotene.

Renzi, Hollande and Merkel prepare for the European Union summit due to take place mid-September in Bratislava, Slovakia, where they will set guidelines to be followed by the European Union after Britain's Brexit departure.

Hollande said Europe would work to "eliminate" the uncertainties created by Britain's departure from the EU, while Renzi stressed that “Europe is not the problem, but could be the solution”.

In terms of immigration the German Chancellor argued that the member countries should promote a “greater European cooperation” in the management of the refugees crisis and recognized that the agreement signed with Turkey is “essential”.

For his part, Hollande said it was necessary for Europe to have a bigger presence in Africa, with funding mechanisms made available to help prevent waves of migration, an idea Italy has claimed for months, defending an Agreement reached with Africa similar to the one with Turkey.    

"Europe needs to be protected, but also to help those who feel compelled to leave their countries risking their own lives," said Hollande. While he applauded the European Sophia mechanism operating in the Mediterranean sea to rescue immigrants.

Hollande stressed the need to ensure security within the Schengen area and called for "greater control," collaboration and sufficient resources to exchange information and digital data. He suggested investigations to be conducted  on terrorist propaganda published on the internet.

Renzi called for a greater integration of the EU in defense and intelligence, as well as to promote investment encouraging economic growth, another serious problem for Europe.

The three leaders stressed that the EU should “relaunch growth and investment of quality” but also reduce the “youth’s unemployment”. In this regard, Merkel said that making contracts more available and giving people a future is one of the biggest challenges of the Union.

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