MPLA Has Accomplished its Mission in Every Stage

President Dos Santos opened the 7th Congress of the Party and ensured that it is for all Angolans without distinction

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-08-18 | 12:28:43 EST
The Congress of the MPLAThe Congress of the MPLA Photo: AngopressZoom

LUANDA. – Angola’s President José Eduardo dos Santos affirmed that the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), never abandoned the people and was always victorious regarding the political and social mission of each historical period.

“The MPLA has never abandoned the people, never fought against the people,” said Dos Santos during the opening speech of the 7th Ordinary Congress of the MPLA, which will continue until August 20th at the Belas Conference Centre in the capital. PL reported.

The political leader said that in order to overcome all challenges and carry out that task the MPLA, changed through its history by evolving from a movement and selective party into “a party for mass and top officials” and considered that the party is for all Angolans without distinction of race, tribe, religion, creed or cultural and academic level.    

He said that this congress is an “important step to strengthen our union ... ours is the great Party of the Angolan family.”

Dos Santos admitted that the country is in a crucial times, because the economic situation brings along great challenges. “Only those who don’t work don’t fail, the MPLA is working and is doing”, he stressed.

The president recalled before 2.620 delegates, representing 18 provinces, and other foreign guests, that all people, as long as they accept the statutes and program, can join the organization, but all of them will be required to meet strict criteria in order to take up posts as leaders or take up positions of responsibility. 

The president noted that despite the war imposed on Angolans, which destroyed infrastructure, killed hundreds of thousands of people and postponed the dreams of children, women and all the people, “they failed to kill the hope for achieving peace and maintain freedom.”

He deemed as fair to pay tribute to all those who fought and offered their lives for the freedom and peace of the Angolan people. “Let the past be a lesson to us”, stressed MPLA leader quoted by PL.

After the president's speech, the work of the commissions continued.                 During the 7th Congress will be presented the MPLA Leader's Strategy Motion, which will define the way forward for the organization and the State, in order to meet the aspirations of the people and build a better future for all.

Such a document will also serve as a guide to better prepare the organization for the future challenges and win in the general elections of 2017.

The MPLA formalized Dos Santos' candidacy for president of the Party in July, taking into account his commitment, dedication and qualities for leadership.

The Congress is taking place under the motto: MPLA with the people for victory.

A Cuban delegation led by Member of Cuba’s Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee  José Ramón Balaguer is taking part in the meeting, PL reported.

“We come to this Congress following an invitation from the leadership of the MPLA . Angola is special for our country due to the historic ties and the fact that mutual blood was shed in the interest for consolidating national independence”. Balaguer told PL. 

Translated by ESTI

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