Cuba-US Mutual Compensations: A Topic of Very High Complexity

The recent meeting in Washington is the continuity of  the meeting held in Havana on December 2015

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-08-02 | 16:23:31 EST
Cuba has-legal legal for your claim, bases Abelardo Moreno said.Cuba has-legal legal for your claim, bases Abelardo Moreno said. Photo: Abel Rojas BarallobreZoom

Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno assessed in his statements to the national and foreign press during the second briefing on mutual compensations between Cuba and the United States, that this topic has a very high political, legal and technical complexity.

The meeting took place on July 28, 2016 in Washington, and Deputy Minister Moreno, who led the Cuban delegation that spoke with Brian J. Egan, principal legal adviser to the State Department, pointed out that they continued to exchange information with the aim of preparing the negotiation process, which has two-way.

Thus, Moreno said that there is so much at the stake, because Cuba demands compensations for the damage caused by  the economic, commercial and financial blockade, which has more than 50 years and it has been rejected by UN the General Assembly during more than 20 years.

Cuba’s claim is based on legal basis, which have been included in the demands of the Cuban people to the US government for human damages and economic damage, ruled by the Havana Provincial People's Court in 1999 and 2000, and whose decisions can be found in the details of the claims by Cuba.

The amount of those damages, more than 300 000 million, are legally established in the report by the corresponding courts,  and the sentence took into account the practice and the International 


Regarding the US demand, the Deputy Minister recalled that the Cuban Government always had the will of compensating legal and natural persons whose property was nationalized, so deadlines for such compensation were agreed, what was done with Canada and five European countries to which a true solution was given.

However, Moreno noted that the United States prevented in practice this solution and he highlighted  that the claims of Washington to Havana, for more than 1 900 million, exposes by the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC)

Moreno added that now they are facing up a different process, a two-way process because Cuba’s claims to the United States must be taken into account, and its integrity has to be recognized.

He noted that talks are informative for now, negotiations are not yet on the table, and they are looking for  the methodology to deal with this topic. He also said that the discussion has been carried out in professional and constructive way, and experiences from other processes have been exchanged.

«We believe that conditions have been created to continue this informative process, and at least for Cuba, it has been very enlightening and we hope that it has been the same for  US party , »  Moreno added.

Regarding the statements from an anonymous source in the State Department released by the media, Deputy Minister Moreno acknowledged that informative talks will be extremely complex and their time cannot be forced because you're not talking about one-way conversations.

To advance we must talk, he said, and both parties agree that talks should be through regular meetings, which dates will be decided through diplomatic channels, so no deadline agreement  was reached for the next exchange.

He insisted that talks will be step by step and in a comprehensive way. In addition, the US demand only US citizens are included.

In his answers to the questions by reporters, Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno concluded that negotiations obviously have a direct link with the blockade, and he said: «As you all know the normalization of relations between the two countries will be very difficult, if not impossible, while the blockade against Cuba is still in force. »

The Washington meeting gave continuity to the meeting held in Havana on December 2015, with the aim of continuing the exchange of information on the claims of both States, based particularly on the history, characteristics and legal bases of the claims, for the preparation of the negotiation process on this theme.

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