Syria: Humanitarian Corridors to Cease Conflict

Russia could help with this initiative to the process for  reconquering Syrian cities  carried out by the Government

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-07-29 | 12:26:11 EST

July 29, 2016


ALEPO. — Russia has announced last Thursday, the creation of corridors for humanitarian civilians and combatants, who are willing to lay down weapons in Aleppo, where rebel areas are besieged by the Syrian troops, AFP reported.


This unprecedented initiative could lead the government of Bashar al Assad to the total reconquering of the second city and former economic capital of Syria, and this would give a fatal blow to the armed groups.


«The Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Parties in Conflict will open, together with the Syrian government, three humanitarian corridors to offer  help to people who were taken as hostage by terrorists, » said during a ministerial meeting the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Xinhua noted.


Thus, mobile centers will be opened near these corridors for providing food and medical aid, Shoigu highlighted. And he added that food, medicine and other basic products will be dropped by parachute to the people who cannot leave the city.


A fourth corridor will be opened in northern Aleppo for safe passage of armed militiamen who wish to lay down their arms, Shoigu said. Syrian President Bashar al Assad has declared an amnesty for all who lay down their weapons over the next three months.


«Everybody who carries weapons (...) and is wanted by justice (...) is exempt from the entire sentence if  that person surrenders and lays down weapons within three months from the date of publication of this decree » indicates a text published by the Syrian presidency and reported  by  Sana agency.


The «rebel» districts in Aleppo, in the east of the city, are completely besieged by government troops since July 17. No international aid can be taken in these sectors of the city, which is divided since July 7.


Syrian state television announced the «opening of three corridors to allow the exit of citizens of the eastern neighborhoods. » In addition, the state TV said that «all is ready to receive them in temporary structures. »


For two days, state media have been reporting the call by the Army to residents in the neighborhoods, which are in the hands of the insurgents, to «join the national reconciliation and to through foreign mercenaries out. »


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