What is Happening in Venezuela? A Twisted Reality

The Bolivarian nation is the focus of  unconventional war that tries to overthrow the Revolution through new faces and costumes


By: Yailé Balloqui Bonzón

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2016-07-13 | 12:50:28 EST
The Che Guevara Hall at the Casa de las Americas was the scene to talk about the Venezuelan realityThe Che Guevara Hall at the Casa de las Americas was the scene to talk about the Venezuelan reality Photo: Zoom

July 13, 2016

 A deep and reflexive debate on the challenges that the Bolivarian Revolution has to face up because of the permanent attacks from the Right and its outside allies, has brought together intellectuals, politicians and representatives of social organizations at the conference entitled What is happening in Venezuela?


The Che Guevara Hall at the Casa de las Americas was the scene to talk about the Venezuelan reality unseen by media groups that want to sell a chaotic Venezuela on the brink of disaster.

The Bolivarian nation is today the focus of unconventional war that tries to overthrow a constitutional government through new faces and costumes. The Deputy for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) Earle Herrera talked about the  destabilizing actions to weaken the country's economy and its institutions that are developed by internal and external agents.


Earle Herrera, who is also a journalist, denounced the media campaign against the Venezuelan government and the concealment of the truth about the revolutionary process. He put as an example the matrix of opinion orchestrated by the Right, which is trying to show that in Venezuela there is a humanitarian crisis over and above the economic crisis, and that the government refuses to accept international aid.


He said that the Government of Nicolás Maduro has not deny that there is an important economic situation, but that situation is far away from what they are trying to create. There isn’t famine or malnutrition in Venezuela, and the amount of the state budget that is invested in social area has not been touched, though some cuts have been necessary in other sectors, he added.

He recalled that the difficult economic situation is also a consequence of the right-wing policies and international sectors who are reluctant to the  Bolivarian process, and the resounding drop in oil prices, which has significantly affected the income.


In this difficult situation that Venezuela has to face up at present, the media, at the service of the oligarchy, encourage discontent and violence in Venezuela. An example of this is what was told  by the spokesman for the Committee of Victims of guarimbas Germán Carrero, who said  that the  guarimbas  (a kind of barricade) in 2014, took the lives of 43 Venezuelans and caused more than 878 wounded:  «it’s very important to explain the truth to the international public opinion because the media try to make those  facts  invisible. »


Germán told his own life story which changed his life that day when the violence sparked off in the State of Táchira. He lost his right hand trying to bring medicine to the hospital in the town of San Cristóbal, besieged by forces of the opposition during the days that the guarimbas lasted.

He also criticized the media speech in defense of the instigators of violence, like the member of the opposition Leopoldo López, while the media avoid to talk about the victims.


However, and in despite of this reality, the Venezuelan people will defend its sovereignty at all costs and they will offer an iron resistance against all attempts to violate this sovereignty, the constitutional lawyer Hermann Escarrá noted.


The analyst reaffirmed that the only way to avoid the situation of violence in Venezuela is through the true, constructive and respectful dialogue to promote peace and reach a national agreement: «We have an extraordinary Constitution, a product of the Venezuelan people, and the constitutions has to be respected, » he highlighted.


Translated by ESTI

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