A Portrait of Theresa May

 Challenges will define whether Britain's new president will be a «lady of iron»

By: Enrique Milanés León

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2016-07-13 | 13:13:38 EST
Theresa May, who recently reached the double —political and governmental— British leadership after the sudden withdrawal of Andrea LeadsomTheresa May, who recently reached the double —political and governmental— British leadership after the sudden withdrawal of Andrea Leadsom Photo: Zoom

July 13, 2016

 After 25 years of Margaret Thatcher dominion (between 1979 and 1990) the United Kingdom is again commanding by a woman. Theresa May, the new leader of the Conservative Party and the occupant of Downing Street as prime minister, has admitted to be an admirer of  her iron predecessor, but she has also clarified that she has no models and she is seeking her own way.


Theresa May, who recently reached the double political and governmentalBritish leadership after the sudden withdrawal of Andrea Leadsom, her last opponent, said that «I think I'm the best person to lead this country. »


The first challenger of Theresa May has been the benchmark. In addition, she has been constantly compared to Margaret Thatcher, imposing the expectation of a dominant government. So, many call her as the British Angela Merkel, to the point that she has been forced to clarify that «I am myself. »


The new big player in the international politics has been perceived as a working, reserved person who lacks for the sense of humor. These features are related to her condition of  daughter of Protestant father, who received a rigid and austere education.

The Telegraph newspaper commented at some point about her sharp personality and
«fierce determination, » although the paper acknowledged her authority and competence.


The political class has not always appealed to the proverbial British restraint for depicting her. The former Chancellor of Exchequer Kenneth Clarke, once said that «Theresa is a terribly difficult woman, » which apparently took no care to Theresa because, having the keys to Downing Street in hand, she warned that who soon would realize this will be the President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker, who will negotiate the details of the divorce, in the British way, between Britain and European Union.


Theresa has two great passions: cookery in her library there are more than a hundred books on the subject and shoes, striking to the point that they clash with the sobriety of her wardrobe. A detractor, anointed with the English sarcasm, said that people remember her only for her shoes.


It’s not true: the May has also drawn the attention for her attack on immigration, which she considers as a job destroyer, causing low wages to the British. So, she has suggested the reduction of the number of immigrants admitted in the British islands, no matter whether  they are outside or inside the territory of the European Union.


Translated by ESTI

Rather than look like much on the physical and performance to Thatcher or Merkel, which will define the portrait of the new "Second Lady" Elizabeth II British -because nobody snatches the number one, will be if he can join a Conservative party divided after the dilemma brexit, calm the intention of Scottish independence and the likely attempt to Northern Ireland reconciled with Ireland putting aside the UK, and recompose in practice that broken plate of relations with countries in the EU and other strategic partners. According to these challenges you will know how much there is in the new Iron Lady.

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