Raul Granted Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Panama

It is a symbol of friendship between the peoples of Cuba and Panama, said Diaz-Canel

By: Juventud Rebelde

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2016-06-28 | 16:29:46 EST

PANAMA, June 27. The title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Panama, awarded the President of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, Raul Castro Ruz, was delivered on Monday in an emotional ceremony at the centre of higher learning.

The highest honorary and academic recognition delivered by this University was unanimously awarded to the Cuban leader, for the exemplary international political stance to promote dialogue and understanding between various currents of the continent, reported PL.

In addition, for the correct policy of the Cuban government in the creation of forums for consultation like Petrocaribe, ALBA and Caricom, through which our country promotes solidarity programs aimed at improving the education and health of the people, as reported in the accrediting document.

In his acknowledgment, the rector of the higher education centre, Gustavo Garcia Paredes, said that after the revolutionary triumph 1st. January 1959 on the island, people began to think otherwise, while it cleared the way for the start of national liberation processes in the region.

The academic said that President Raul Castro was able to restore relations with the United States without sacrificing the dignity and the principles of the Revolution.

Meanwhile, the First Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, who received the award on behalf of Comrade Raul stressed that it is a symbol of friendship and historical similarities between the peoples of Cuba and Panama.

In gratitude, Diaz-Canel said he was honoured to receive this award from the highest authorities of that centre, linked to the revolutionary struggles for sovereignty and the return of the Canal Zone.

He said that for Cubans this university keeps a historical symbolism, because it was an active witness of the battle to arrest those responsible for the assassination attempt against then President Fidel Castro during the Ibero-American Summit held here in November 2000.

This university has been the scene of important facts and events associated with the emancipation of the continent, but also rostrum of the struggle of the Panamanian people for their sovereignty, said Diaz-Canel.

The Cuban First Vice President also held a brief meeting with officials of the Embassy of Cuba here and became interested in learning about the tasks of the diplomatic mission and collaborators, especially the work of the eight teachers who serve as YSP program advisors, through which to date more than 30,000 Panamanians are literate.

The First Vice President paid tribute to National Hero, José Martí, and the Bronze Titan Antonio Maceo, whose busts are located in the Belisario Porras park of the capital, said PL in another report.

Diaz-Canel also highlighted the good relations between the governments of Cuba and Panama, a nation with which we intend to strengthen cooperation in sectors such as trade, services and logistics, given its results.

In this regard, the Cuban ambassador to the isthmian nation, Antonio Miguel Pardo, recalled that some three business missions have travelled to Cuba, demonstrating the interest of Panamanian businessmen to invest in the island.

Cuban First Vice President, who travelled to Panama to attend the opening of the Canal expansion, paid tribute to the scientist Carlos J. Finlay, whose studies helped eradicate yellow fever and prevent the deaths of many of the builders who worked on the interoceanic route.

The day before, Diaz-Canel spoke with the Panamanian president, Juan Carlos Varela, and heads of state attending the inauguration of the third set of locks, an official government act in which also participated the Deputy Foreign Minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez as part of the Cuban delegation.

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