Trio of Objections to Obama Policies

From his own government, the US president receives negative control proposals on the possession of weapons

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-06-22 | 11:47:37 EST

June 21, 2016 22:45:08 CDT

NEW YORK, June 21.- US President Barack Obama faces opposition within his own government again; on Tuesday the contradictions came from the Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Secretary of State John Kerry, while the Senate also rejected the measures to control firearms proposals once more after the slaughter of Orlando.

Reuters said Lynch, a federal prosecutor whom Obama appointed to lead the Justice Department two years ago, opposed a proposal backed by the White House that would allow Guantanamo prisoners to plead guilty to terrorism charges via a video conference from other countries, because "they would violate long-standing rules of procedures in criminal justice."

Lynch's action prevents the promise and the plan of US President Barack Obama to close the maximum security prison of the Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuban territory illegally occupied.

"There were some frustrations. The country's chief lawyer intervened; the Department of Justice has jurisdiction to do so," said a White House official quoted by Reuters.

If it became law, the Obama-backed plan would allow terror suspects to plead guilty and serve their sentences in prisons in another country without actually stepping on US soil. Some 80 detainees remain in a long-term legal limbo in the US military enclave, but about 160 have left during the administration of the current president.

Moreover, EFE notes that the Secretary of State, John Kerry, met on Tuesday with a dozen of the 51 diplomats last week who signed a document criticizing US policy toward Syria and called for targeted attacks on the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Kerry received for half an hour to about ten of the authors of the paper and remained with them a "collective conversation", said the State Department spokesman, John Kirby, in his daily press conference.

The memorandum signed by those diplomats has generated much buzz in Washington, as leaked to the press and made clear the dissatisfaction of the Department of State to a policy that has failed to stop the war that is bleeding Syria, said the news agency.

In addition, the document has sparked rumours that Kerry agrees with these criticisms, since, according to several media, for months he has been calling for tightening policy towards the regime of Al Assad when the subject comes up within the administration of Barack Obama, adds EFE.

The document was sent last week to the so-called "channel of discrepancies," an unusual tool that the State Department has maintained since the Vietnam War (1955-1975) for employees to express their dissatisfaction to the upper echelons of American diplomacy without fear of reprisals.

The White House made clear on Friday that Obama believes that "there is no military solution to the crisis in Syria," and the State Department stressed that the Syrian Civil War should be resolved by political means.

"But we also said that it would be unwise and irresponsible for this administration not to consider other options, and those other options are still being considered," Kirby said on Tuesday.

A third problem was uncovered that day after news that the Senate did not pass any measure for gun control after the worst mass shooting in the country occurred in Orlando, Florida.

"Gun violence requires more than a few moments of silence," said President Barack Obama on Twitter. "It requires action. Failing this test, the Senate failed the American people," he added, quoted by Reuters.

Earlier, White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, vilified on television the US Senate on Monday for rejecting four bills that aimed to prevent militants suspected of links with militants from accessing firearms. "What we saw last night in the US Senate was an embarrassing show of cowardice," Earnest said on MSNBC.

However, the senators on Wednesday are going to vote on laws to expand the capacity of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to implement covert surveillance in counterterrorism investigations, Reuters reported.

The attacker Orlando, Omar Mateen, born in New York, expressed his loyalty to the Islamic State, among other groups, during the incident on June 12 in which he killed 49 people and wounded 53 in a nightclub frequented by homosexuals, before being killed by police.

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