Morelia Teachers Support those in Oaxaca


Although the demonstrations of teachers in Oaxaca have been ending in repression and death, Morelia’s teachers have decided to join the fight of their colleagues

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-06-22 | 11:52:01 EST

 June 22, 2016

 MORELIA. Teachers of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) have participated in a march in Morelia last Tuesday to support their colleagues in Oaxaca

 The mobilization by teachers was supported by parents, students and indigenous communities who blocked at least two road sections in the communities of Santa Fe and Carapan, Notimex reported.


 In this sense, and to avoid any incident, the Public Security Ministry implemented an operation involving nearly 200 agents of the Special Operations Group.

Thus, the policemen virtually shielded the historic center of Morelia, mainly buildings like the Palace of Government and the State Congress. The police operation also included over flights throughout the entire city.


The demonstration became also a protest against the arrests of the former head of state CNTE Juan Jose Ortega Madrigal, who was detained last Saturday, and former Secretary, the Technician Eugenio Rodriguez, Notimex added.


Meanwhile, the Government of Enrique Peña Nieto announced talks with the teachers in a communiqué, but Nieto warned that he will maintain his reform.


Today, Wednesday, a meeting will take place with the CNTE, which will be headed by the Secretary of the Interior, with the aim of «listening to the ideas and thoughts» of the teachers who are against the reform in order to «advance in the construction of solutions that allow a return to peace in the regions of the country that have recently been affected by the teacher’s demonstrations, » the text highlighted.


However, the Education Secretary Aurelio Nuño warned in advance at a press conference that the talk will have a political shape because «they do not address issues in education» and he stressed that «education reform is an ongoing process and it won’t be stopped,» AFP quoted.


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