The Refugee Horror Movie: 24 per Minute

On the World Refugee Day, the number of those who emigrate from armed conflicts has been quadrupled regarding the past decade. More than the half of them are children

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-06-21 | 18:35:14 EST
65.3 million people were forced to leave their homes65.3 million people were forced to leave their homes Photo: FlickrZoom
June 21, 2016
Geneva.- The High Commissioner for United Nations Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grandi said last Monday that, 24 people in the world were forced to leave their places of habitual residence every minute in  2015, fourfold more than a decade ago.
In total, 65.3 million of people were forced to leave their homes, a rate four times higher than that recorded in the past decade and when in 2014 there were 59.5 million, Notimex noted.
The report released last Monday as part of the World Refugee Day, said that the information comes from data provided by governments, partner agencies and self-counts.

Grandi also said that  51 percent of the refugees are children, many of them are separated from their parents and traveling alone.

Grandi highlighted that closing the borders does not solve the problem, after noting that the factors that threaten people who are seeking refuge are manifold.
The willingness of the nations to work together is passing a test, not only for refugees, but also for the collective human interest, and human spirit of unity that needs to prevail, he said.

One of every 113 inhabitants of the planet is seeking asylum, they are domestic displaced in their own country or refugees, which is an unprecedented situation, he said.

The UNHCR, whose headquarters are in Geneva, noted that while Europe has the challenge of taking over a million of migrants who arrive via the Mediterranean, most of the people in this situation are in developing countries in the southern region of the planet.
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