Venezuela Denounces Harassment of Almagro

OAS calls a meeting in Washington on June 21 with ex-presidents promoting dialogue
2016-06-16 | 14:48:37 EST
Venezuela Denounces Harassment of AlmagroVenezuela Denounces Harassment of Almagro Photo: TelesurZoom
SANTO DOMINGO, June 15.- The Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez, reported Wednesday to the plenary of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) behaviour and position of harassment against Venezuela by the current Secretary of the body, Luis Almagro, sets a negative precedent in the history of the organization.
"Beyond the affection or not he may have for Venezuela, he is violating in front of our noses the rules of the organization", she said during her speech at the plenary, AVN reported.
Against this background, she called on the representatives of the different countries to reflect, because she said it is the duty of the Member States to preserve the institutions of this organization.
The chief diplomat also quoted verbatim Article 137 of the general rules for the functioning of the General Secretariat of the OAS, which express the highest representatives of the agency shall refrain from any interventionist activity and noted that in one year of leadership, Almagro 'is dedicated to harass the Government of Venezuela and its authorities, in a kind of regional lynching ".
She accused Almagro of violating the rightful administrative agenda and should be at the service of Member States, not a private particular agenda, she said. "That is unacceptable, let alone joining efforts in the overthrow of a constitutional government in favor of the opposition and anti-democratic forces."
On the last day of deliberations of its General Assembly, the OAS convened a meeting of the Permanent Council for Tuesday June 21 in Washington, United States, at the request of Venezuela and where it will host the ex-presidents Leonel Fernandez, Martin Torrijos and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, of the Dominican Republic, Panama and Spain, respectively; who have been promoting a dialogue between the opposition and the Bolivarian government at the request of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur).
According to EFE, this session will be held two days before the already scheduled meeting on June 23, in which 34 members of the OAS will decide if they will implement the Democratic Charter against Venezuela, as requested by its secretary general.
Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez had reported on Tuesday about the requested meeting which was, she said, "to tell the truth about Venezuela once again."
The 46th General Assembly of the OAS, held in Santo Domingo from 13 June, concluded on Wednesday, marked by great twists and contradictions about the international position on the political situation in Venezuela.
Telesur highlighted Washington's position that after echoing the position of Secretary General of the agency, announced that it supports the Venezuela dialogue and not the desire of Almagro to activate the Democratic Charter.
The US also stressed that it believes the suspension of Venezuela from  the OAS, as a result of the activation of the Charter, is an unconstructive practice to solve the problems in the South American country, reported Telesur.
US Secretary of State John Kerry also said he immediately sent one of his closest diplomats, Thomas Shannon, to Caracas, in order to improve the already very deteriorated bilateral relations since George Bush was president.   
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