Presence of Special Troops from France and Germany Worries Syria

Any attempt to help fight terrorism should recognize the sovereignty and the legitimate government of Syria, said the nation
2016-06-16 | 14:36:52 EST
Presence of Special Troops from France and Germany Worries SyriaPresence of Special Troops from France and Germany Worries Syria Photo: ReutersZoom
DAMASCUS, June 15. The Syrian Foreign Ministry denounced the presence of French and German special troops in the villages of Ein Arab and Manbej in the north of the country, which it considers "a flagrant interference and a violation of the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter and unjustified aggression against the sovereignty and independence of our country," said the statement.
The complaint added that "the claim that the presence of these troops is to fight against terrorism cannot fool anyone because a legal and effective fight against terrorism requires cooperation with the legitimate government of Syria", cited Prensa Latina .
The statement stressed that the Syrian Army and the people are fighting in every inch of the territory for sovereignty and independence and in defence of their integrity as a nation.
Moreover, the Centre for Coordination and Monitoring of the ceasefire in Syria, located in the Russian base of Hemymin, also reported Wednesday that a hundred Nusra Front terrorists entered Syrian territory from the border with Turkey.
A Centre, located in the province of Latakia, 348 kilometers northeast of Damascus, said that these troops crossed the border lines, with heavy weapons, in the region Kabana, Prensa Latina said.
In this regard, reports indicated that almost simultaneously, the Nusra attacked with mortars and artillery, areas of Handart, Nayrab and neighborhoods of the city of Aleppo.
From this city, sources said that continuing attacks on civilian areas of the city, the capital of the province, have so far caused over 200 dead and hundreds injured.
Violations by terrorist groups of the truce, decreed since last Feb. 27, have passed 610 to date, and the most recent occurred in the places mentioned and others in the provinces of Idleb, Homs and Damascus.
Faced with this situation, it explained that the number of populations and areas that accepted the truce reached 148, along with 60 armed groups, contributing to the practical implementation of the national reconciliation program, activated strongly in this Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
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